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Which Quest Did You Prefer?

Sasha Lilias

Which quest did you prefer?  

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This poll is to see which quest people prefered. I will make more of the ones that you prefer, because after all, it is about you!:))

Feedback on why you like them would be greatly appreciated them, the same goes for the ones you did not like.

Here are the three quests in order:
A Writers Soul[spoiler][u][b]A writers soul[/b][/u]

My quest is simple.
All you must do is write.
To begin choose a category from below and send me a pm.
Then I shall write who has entered beneath each subtitle.
The categories are as follows;
[color="#FF0000"][u]A Bards Poem[/u][/i]
[color="#FF0000"][*][s]Meru Chi[/s]-Received
[*]Lord Beta Wolfeyes
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Received
[*]Keith Moon
[*]Phantom Orchid

[color="#FFA500"][i][u]A Muses Song[/u][/i]
[*][s]Meru Chi[/s]-Received
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Recived
[*]Phantom Orchid
[*][s]Sir Kamil[/s]-Recieved

A Writers Story[/u][/i]
[*][s]Fyrd Argentus[/s]-Recieved
[*]Blackwood Forest
[*]Phantom Orchid

Each category will only have ONE winner and a different prize to another.
The prizes are these;
[i][u][color="#FF0000"]A Bards Poem-[/u][/i][/color] 1 Gold
[i][u][color="#FFA500"]A Muses Song-[/u][/i][/color] Banjo
[i][u][color="#708090"]A Writers Story-[/u][/i][/color] A BloodPact Archer

[b]Note: You MAY enter for more than one category but you can only win ONE prize.
[color="#FF0000"]NO ALTERNATE ACCOUNTS![/u][/color]

All pieces must be original. Any copying will gain you a PERMANANT ban from this and any future quests.

This contest shall be up for two weeks.

Started-00:52 25/04/10

Please send final entries by 15/05/10!

[color="#000080"]Note: To know what to write look at the subtitle. Ie Muses Song- Write a Song.

[size="6"]Please feel free to add your entries for all to see! Thankyou for participating![/size][/color][/spoiler]

A Comedians Soul[spoiler][size="3"][color="#0000FF"][font="Century Gothic"]This is part two to "A writers soul".
Here you must create a comedy video. It may be anything as long as it is funny!
So you could dress up and make a small film, make an animation, anything!!
There is one catch. It will not be ME that votes who will win. It shall be the other MD citizens, so you should make sure it is good enough to post on the forum, in this section.

The rewards shall be;

1st)Joker - ClawI,ClawII,EmeraldGlare,Kellethafire,Firedrop,PurpurFog and OsirisBelt

2nd)Imperial Aramor - Kellethafire,EmeraldGlare,FireDrop and OsirisBelt

3rd)10 silver

Goodluck and have fun. :D

[size="4"]Note:You should have the MD sign in your entry so we know it is yours.

Voting will start-15/05/10 so please get your entries in before that date.

[size="5"]P.s Could you please send me a message or write here that you are going to join. It allows me to sort "things" out. :)[/size][/font][/color][/size][/size]

[size="5"][color="#0000FF"]Quest is now....over!

Seeing as no one has entered/placed their video here
for all to see, I am assuming that no one finished
and therefore the quest has no winner.
Perhaps next time! Thankyou to everyone that
Voted though![/size][/color][/spoiler]

A Travelers Soul[spoiler][i][color="#0000FF"]In this quest you will be given six riddles. Each riddle is a way of working out the next location.

Once at the location you will have to work out a sum by using the co-ords [/color][color="#FF0000"]i.e. 3_1x3_7[/color]. [color="#0000FF"]To work it out just do this [color="#FF0000"](3+1)x(3+7)= ?[/color]

When you have worked out the sum then send me a message containing the answer, location and co-ords[/color] [color="#FF0000"]i.e Location: West Garden Exit,Co-ords: 3_1x3_7, Answer:40[/color]

[color="#0000FF"]After the correct answer has been sent to me then I shall send you a message containing the next riddle.(Answers can be sent to me via pm in game or forum.)

[color="#0000FF"]For each location you can have 2 hints, though each hint will decrease your score. Your score starts at 100, each hint costs 10 points and each mistake is worth 5 points. If you gain 0 points at ANY stage during the quest then you shall be disqualified, so be careful. :))


[color="#4169E1"]1st: 1 wishpoint[/color]

[color="#48D1CC"]2nd: Tokened imp;[spoiler]
[clawIII][/spoiler] [/color]
[color="#00BFFF"]3rd: Joker(Gold Coin- optional)[/color]

[color="#00FFFF"]4th: 10 sc[/size][/color]

[size="5"]WARNING: No alts are allowed. Anyone caught using alts shall be BANNED from this, and future, quests.[/size]

Starting riddle- [color="#800080"]Above the beginning and below the sky, a boat you shall see if you use your eyes.[/color][/color][/i]

[color="#0000FF"]The first five to finish will gain points depending on order:

1st: +10
2nd: +8
3rd: +6
4th: +4
5th: +2

Another new rule is that once you reach 70 points you gain ONE free hint. Ask your question wisely.[/color][/spoiler]

Personally for me I enjoyed making the Travelers quest because it allowed me to move around, think and be kept busy by floods of Pm's.
Also please try to NOT go on the rewards.^_^

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I haven't tried it, but "A Traveler's soul" has my vote. It actually occurs within the game instead of on the forum. It doesn't require a camera either. Not that I mind the 'take a picture of ...' type, but without a scanner or a digital camera those quests are impossible and hence get a low score from me.

The only problem with the traveler quest is that by the time I read about it, a dozen of people had solved it. This is a problem for almost any objective quest actually; the only ones who don't have it are the ones that take weeks before even a single person manages to solve it.

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