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Want To Buy A Variety Of Creatures


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And thank you grido and shadowseeker :D

And if you really just wanna sell ANYTHING ;) then pm me or post here and i'll make a deal with you :PP just buying stuff x)

I want to buy a few imperial aramors (done buying those for now too), 3 pimped grasans, maybe another joker (done buying those for now), i'd also buy a santa. ;) i'd offer 3 gold coins for a santa. and if that isn't enough i'd throw in a cup of tea! (item) for a santa or nutcracker. whichever idk haha.

Creatures i'm interested in right now (i'll look at these creatures before i look at another joker or imp):
tokened grasans, chaos archers

(If i do not get back to you it means i am not interested. Probably because i already have the creature you want to sell to me. x3 or soemthing like that :P)

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[quote name='adiomino' date='25 June 2010 - 08:00 AM' timestamp='1277449204' post='62627']
WTB soulweaver. pm or post offer :D age is a plus :)

also wtb imps, and... jokers.

done buying birds :P

i have a soulweaver(creature colection Chapter III 2009) colored age 83. can u do a offer for him???

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