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Last year during one of my Festivals of Fun, I held a creative performance contest. It was a lot of fun for both performers and audience, so now let's see if we can outdo it this year...

[b][size="4"]Title: Creative Performance Contest
Place: The 'floating book' in the Lands of the East
Time: Day 218/Saturday from 23:00 server time

There are three categories:

Narrative (e.g. story, anecdote, historical account)
Poem or song
Comedy performance

All must be MD related in some way.

The winners of each category (If more than 3 participants in a category) will get a WP.

For other memorable performances, coins or creatures may be awarded.

Remember, you don't have to be a literary genius to take part... the emphasis is on [u]performance[/u]... and of course, to have [u]fun[/u]!

See you there,


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You choose one category and that is entirely at your discretion, Mourn. Though I would suggest that if your intention is to make people laugh, choose the category of comedy performance. More dramatic performances would fall into the other two categories.

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I would like to add that if someone wants to record their performance in any way and would like to make the media available for this, send your file, along with any short description and credits required, to innersunmusicians@gmail.com and Motis will upload it to youtube for you and send you the link to be used.

Yes, Ailith. I'm using your contest for publicity to make Motis grow and obtain more active people since apparently those who DO claim to associate with it like to wander off and stop doing things. ;D

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Nice thought, though Rent- a- Void ;)

If any do want to record their performance, and not just in song, they are welcome.. (I will make a seperate category for recorded performance if this is the case ^^)

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First of all, I would like to thank all who attended and performed for making it such a fun night. I hope to see you again for my next contest!

Now, for the rewards!

Wish Points will be awarded for two categories only due to the lack of suitable entries in that of dramatic narrative.

So here goes:

Winner of the comedy performance: Shadowseeker and Zleiphneir (Guys, as I told you, it is one WP per entry so you must fight between yourselves who gets it. The other will receive coin reward)
Joint Winners of the poetry performance: adiomino and Asterdai. (I could not decide between the two of you, you both put a lot of effort into your entries, and your performances fit the criteria of the contest perfectly. Congratulations!)

Other rewards:
Curiose.. one gold coin for your performance.. you were a very close runner up, thank you very much for your performance!
Mya.. A creature in reward for your well thought out lyric. I will PM you with a choice today.. (shame I don't have a christmas creature to give away as that would be fitting ^_^)
Zleiphneir.. as you are being rewarded in one way or another for the comedy, I'll just say thanks for the story, I liked it a lot.
Fyrd.. A pickle for advertising your quest :P
Braess.. A word of advice.. No more poetry XD

Oh, I nearly forgot! Mourn put a lot of effort into a fictional MD story, seen here: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/7676-the-path/"]The Path[/url] . Though not exactly fitting with the format required for the performance aspect of the contest, I will be rewarding him also for his time and effort.. and a great piece of work :)

[log='Adiomino's Poem'][07/08/10 23:04] :adiomino smiles and takes his basket and leafy sticks, walks over to the stand
[07/08/10 23:04] :adiomino places them on the ground next to him and clears his throat
[07/08/10 23:04] Fyrd Argentus: (Aww, I wanted to see the puppy twirl batons)
[07/08/10 23:05] adiomino: *takes a deep breathe and smiles* This poem is called Oak sapling. I was inspired to write this poem while walking around in loreroot.
[07/08/10 23:06] adiomino: *takes a moment of pause and repeats the title* Oak sapling
[07/08/10 23:06] adiomino:Each soul connects with another,
[07/08/10 23:06] adiomino:All the living gather together,
[07/08/10 23:06] :adiomino holds out his hands to the crowd gathered
[07/08/10 23:06] adiomino:I see them gather around the booming, the mighty tree.
[07/08/10 23:07] :adiomino bends over and stares out in the crowd with his right hand across his forehead, over his eyes
[07/08/10 23:07] adiomino:A sight to see
[07/08/10 23:07] :adiomino continues to speak and throws petals around the air from his basket
[07/08/10 23:07] adiomino:though glorious as it can be
[07/08/10 23:07] :adiomino places the basket gently on the ground and pauses
[07/08/10 23:08] adiomino:A tree so large that it holds it's own-what does it hold for me?
[07/08/10 23:08] :adiomino holds out his hands palm up and shoulder’s cocked sporting a puzzled look on his face
[07/08/10 23:08] adiomino:So the expanse of life fills my regaled eyes.
[07/08/10 23:08] adiomino:Yet i still..I kneel before the littlest oak tree- I strengthen my ties.
[07/08/10 23:09] :adiomino grabs the two sticks, holds them up from the ground and kneels before them
[07/08/10 23:09] adiomino:I cry, I cry- "Grow high, so high. So i may,
[07/08/10 23:09] adiomino:may stay alongside you- i might stand high with you"
[07/08/10 23:09] :adiomino stands up with a leafy stick in each hand
[07/08/10 23:10] adiomino:Yes-With you, green sapling, I'll stay.
[07/08/10 23:10] :adiomino pauses for a moment, then bows[/log]

[log='Mya's Song'][07/08/10 23:14] *Mya Celestia*:It's to the tune of "Jingle Bells" and starts at the verse.
[07/08/10 23:14] :*Mya Celestia* clears her throat
[07/08/10 23:14] *Mya Celestia*:Walking down the path
[07/08/10 23:14] *Mya Celestia*:my knator at my side,
[07/08/10 23:14] *Mya Celestia*:but after fighting Burns
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:I have a knator hide
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:My grasan cried at that
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:then itched his belly fat
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:the angiens and the archers laughed when it sat upon Burns' lap
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:Jingle bells!
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:Grasans smell!
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:Birdie laid an egg!
[07/08/10 23:15] *Mya Celestia*:Rustgold drach ate a snack
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:then gave someone a whack
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:Jingle bells!
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:Archers yell!
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:Water beings drip.
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:Souls and Priests have a feast
[07/08/10 23:16] *Mya Celestia*:with an elemental beast.
[07/08/10 23:16] :*Mya Celestia* smiles and curtsies

[log='Fyrd's Quest Story'][07/08/10 23:20] Fyrd Argentus:All of my instruments are made from the remains of people that were important in my life
[07/08/10 23:20] Fyrd Argentus:for better or worse
[07/08/10 23:21] Fyrd Argentus:Anyway, I have been using my music to explore the spirit realm here in MD
[07/08/10 23:21] Fyrd Argentus:Anyway, I have contacted many spirits, which you may
[07/08/10 23:21] Fyrd Argentus:have been hearing about in the Lost Path quest
[07/08/10 23:22] Fyrd Argentus:This is the story of the only one I have fully connected with.
[07/08/10 23:22] Fyrd Argentus:I had a vision of some sort of plant beneath a wheel
[07/08/10 23:22] Fyrd Argentus:I searched under the windmill,
[07/08/10 23:22] Fyrd Argentus:the wheel on the fenths press
[07/08/10 23:22] Fyrd Argentus:And finally found it beneath the wheel of the wishing well.
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:I touched this pathetic little plant and it spoke to me.
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:Apparently, this poor soul was once a guard
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:but got in trouble for smuggling smoking materials
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:to the other guards
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:I wonder if it was nightshade,
[07/08/10 23:23] Fyrd Argentus:but he claimed it was just to help them relax
[07/08/10 23:24] Fyrd Argentus:He was bannished from the main guard
[07/08/10 23:24] Fyrd Argentus:and set to guard the princess's treasures
[07/08/10 23:24] Fyrd Argentus:And ended up incarnated as a plant for his trouble
[07/08/10 23:24] Fyrd Argentus:He has since repented his ways, and wished to abandon his duties
[07/08/10 23:25] Fyrd Argentus:He asked me to take the treasure off his hands
[07/08/10 23:25] Fyrd Argentus:He said that the stone by my foot was magically transformed
[07/08/10 23:25] Fyrd Argentus:And that all I needed was the password.
[07/08/10 23:25] Fyrd Argentus:And that he would give it to mee if I showed I could calm down without the weed.
[07/08/10 23:25] Fyrd Argentus:So, I relaxed, and gradually got all my AP back
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus:But he said that wasn't enough
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus:I had to go deeper
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus:So I thought a while, and went into deeper meditation on all the magical lands I knew of
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus: (i.e. accessed free credits)
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus:And gained extra ap
[07/08/10 23:26] Fyrd Argentus:At which point he told me I would always be my own person
[07/08/10 23:27] Fyrd Argentus:never over-mastered by the addictive weed.
[07/08/10 23:27] Fyrd Argentus:And told me the incantaiton was encrypted on teh bottom of the bucket in the well.
[07/08/10 23:27] Fyrd Argentus:So I went to the well, thought "bottom of the bucket" and low and behold
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:I saw the words "Cigar Network Calm"
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:Now, I struggled with that riddle for a long time
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:I contacted other spirits, and was overwhelmed
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:So I started the Lost Path Treasure quest to get help
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:But weeks have gone by
[07/08/10 23:28] Fyrd Argentus:Finally, I solved this one on my own.
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:I knew I was looking for a gem or something and noticed
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:If you break it down in syllables
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:You get a GAR-NET in the middle.
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:So I had Ci garnet calm
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:Ci phonetically becomes See
[07/08/10 23:29] Fyrd Argentus:So the incantation was See Garnet work-calm
[07/08/10 23:30] :Braess yawns and considers writing a story about yawning
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:All my archive research led me to
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:understand the translation issue
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus: (I'm hurrying, Braess)
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:calm - trnaquil - peace
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:That was it
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:work-peace becomes "Workpiece"
[07/08/10 23:30] Fyrd Argentus:So I used the incantation on the rock
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:"See garnet workpiece" and it worked!
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:So that is the story of the first
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus: (or thirteenth)
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:task of the quest.
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:This one is done
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:But I still need everybody's help on the rest.
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:So, please, help on the quest.
[07/08/10 23:31] Fyrd Argentus:Thank you.[/log]

[log='Curiose's Comic Anectdote'][07/08/10 23:35] :Tarquinus stands where Curiose indicates
[07/08/10 23:36] :Curiose Stretches out, and points for the Tarqui stand... a good three feet away.
[07/08/10 23:36] Curiose:Ahem! This Story is called: Battle At Pompy!
[07/08/10 23:37] Curiose:So, I was wandering around, and such, and I was looking for my Pampleopolous sintera aloqueza lolita mendoza~ And, came across! A mister Ivorak!
[07/08/10 23:37] Curiose:Now, looking at my battle logs it appears that Mister Ivorak decided to attack a poor.. innocent... cute little Mp3 such as myself.
[07/08/10 23:38] Curiose:Well.. being tiny and young, and obviously not strong enough to fight him, I decided to use other methods.
[07/08/10 23:38] Curiose:I began to poke at the man... harrassing him as such. And then, when the man brushed me away, I decided to use another method!
[07/08/10 23:39] :Curiose Began to braid at the head of Mr. Tarqui.
[07/08/10 23:39] :Tarquinus smiles
[07/08/10 23:39] Curiose:Now, Pompy... had no hair, supposedly, so that caused me to choose yet another method of harrassing the poor man. *Launched herself to the head of Mr. Tarqui and pointed!* Upon this spot!
[07/08/10 23:40] Curiose:I began to Gnaw ferverently in a vicious rage upon the man!
[07/08/10 23:40] Curiose:... But then. I was pushed off.
[07/08/10 23:40] :Amoran K Kol giggles.
[07/08/10 23:41] Curiose:... So. I had to think of a new tactic... I knew that this man was fruity, I knew that he was quite... a tailor, himself.. so, I thought: Hey, let's give him a new look. ; D
[07/08/10 23:41] Curiose:I then proceeded to dress the man in colourful ribbons!
[07/08/10 23:42] Curiose:As I was doing that... Fat man Claud-- Er. I mean.. Santa Clause came by, looking for people to put on his Naughty List. Upon seeing me... he put me on such a heinous list!
[07/08/10 23:42] Curiose:Now.. Now, this poor.. innocent, sweet little girl would not have that, oh, no no no. I went to the fat man-- Santa, and I told him: Santa, what do I want for Christmas? How about a chunk of that--
[07/08/10 23:42] Curiose:fat belly of yours as I chop it off?
[07/08/10 23:43] Curiose:The man learned his lesson and quickly went to his sled. So, Back to Pompy!
[07/08/10 23:43] Curiose:At this point, Pompy had already removed the ribbons and such, I do believe, while being harrassed by my other mp3 minions.
[07/08/10 23:43] :Amoran K Kol tilts her head to the side slightly, searching for Lucas' 'belly.'
[07/08/10 23:44] Curiose:At that point, I grabbed the prettiest dress I could find, and a nice set of make up and began to pretty that Pompus little Pompy up!
[07/08/10 23:44] Curiose: *Proceeded to do so for the Tarqui.* Isn't he just gorgeous? But... once that was done, Pample had me be a good little girl and let the man alone, sadly...
[07/08/10 23:45] Curiose:Since then.. he has called me a monster! And that becamse Battle at Pompy II, but that's another story for another day. :D[/log]

[log='Braess' Poem'][07/08/10 23:51] Braess:A poem
[07/08/10 23:51] :Braess takes a deep breath
[07/08/10 23:51] Braess:...
[07/08/10 23:51] :Braess snaps his fingers
[07/08/10 23:51] Braess:Grassans are fat...
[07/08/10 23:51] :Braess pauses
[07/08/10 23:52] Braess:So is Calyx... *snaps his fingers again*
[07/08/10 23:52] :Braess pauses
[07/08/10 23:52] Braess:I miss Sostef.
[07/08/10 23:52] :Braess bows

[log='Shadowseeker and Zleiphneir's Comic Impressions'][07/08/10 23:54] Shadowseeker:The following shall be a few hopefully comical scenes presented by Z and me.
[07/08/10 23:55] :Asterdai looks up and smiles
[07/08/10 23:55] Shadowseeker:We shall take turns, and impersonate certain people.
[07/08/10 23:55] Shadowseeker:But let us not waste more words, and begin.
[07/08/10 23:55] :Asterdai claps
[07/08/10 23:55] Zleiphneir:Lady twin:
[07/08/10 23:56] Zleiphneir:I am ebil *grins evil*
[07/08/10 23:56] Shadowseeker:believe me or i will kick you with my high heels from hell!
[07/08/10 23:56] Zleiphneir:Phantam:
[07/08/10 23:56] :adiomino chuckles
[07/08/10 23:56] Zleiphneir:I lost my shadow
[07/08/10 23:57] Shadowseeker:sagewoman: windy.....?
[07/08/10 23:57] Shadowseeker:have you got phantasm's shadow?
[07/08/10 23:57] Zleiphneir:windy: are you accusing me of something??? *BOOM*
[07/08/10 23:57] Shadowseeker:peace
[07/08/10 23:57] Shadowseeker:oh puhleeease.
[07/08/10 23:58] Zleiphneir:just give me your soul will you darling?
[07/08/10 23:58] Shadowseeker:Metal bunny
[07/08/10 23:58] Shadowseeker:I am awesome! Fear MY AWESOMENESS!
[07/08/10 23:58] Zleiphneir:RJ: lets put him in a stew
[07/08/10 23:59] Shadowseeker:Bunny: No Mur you will NOT use the AXE. ¬_¬
[07/08/10 23:59] Zleiphneir:Mur: mwah ha ha ha
[07/08/10 23:59] :Zleiphneir puts the axe in bunnies head after chopping dsts head off and replacing with an umbrella
[07/08/10 23:59] Zleiphneir:Mur: fear me
[08/08/10 00:00] Shadowseeker:cutler:
[08/08/10 00:00] Shadowseeker:But I made this hard puzzle yesterday, my first astral puzzle!
[08/08/10 00:00] Zleiphneir:metal bunny: ¬_¬ my puzzles are harder
[08/08/10 00:00] Zleiphneir:Ravenstrider:
[08/08/10 00:00] Zleiphneir:SHOUTS: I got my lude!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[08/08/10 00:01] Shadowseeker:*lube
[08/08/10 00:01] Shadowseeker:random: Erm..lube... *backs off*
[08/08/10 00:01] Zleiphneir:Fyrd:
[08/08/10 00:01] Zleiphneir:Shadowseeker you get a pickle for getting into a pickle with the SG
[08/08/10 00:02] :Shadowseeker then whacks himself with a rubber chicken
[08/08/10 00:02] Shadowseeker:And that is for using such a mean ritual!
[08/08/10 00:02] Shadowseeker:Granos:
[08/08/10 00:03] Shadowseeker:I am also known as Granny, the voidhugger.
[08/08/10 00:03] Zleiphneir:ailith: does that make me a void?
[08/08/10 00:03] Shadowseeker:Granos: Not until I stab you with my dagger.
[08/08/10 00:04] Shadowseeker:pample:
[08/08/10 00:04] Shadowseeker:Dusty! What are you sulking about?
[08/08/10 00:04] Zleiphneir:dst: I cannot decide....
[08/08/10 00:04] Zleiphneir:do i destroy DS first and then buy shoes, or buy shoes first?
[08/08/10 00:05] Zleiphneir:Cryxus:
[08/08/10 00:05] Zleiphneir:yaaaaaaaaaaar set sail to golemus!
[08/08/10 00:05] Shadowseeker:Ahoy mate, my hook hand is chafing..
[08/08/10 00:05] Shadowseeker:sea swabs! find me a new hook!
[08/08/10 00:06] Shadowseeker:.......By blackbeards beard, who stole my rum?!
[08/08/10 00:06] Zleiphneir:Khalazdad:
[08/08/10 00:06] Zleiphneir:The sun is not god!
[08/08/10 00:06] Shadowseeker:There once was a man who sat for a very long time on the ground.
[08/08/10 00:06] Shadowseeker:That is my story, what have you learnt?
[08/08/10 00:07] Zleiphneir:I learnt that the ground is sore to sit on for a long time...
[08/08/10 00:07] Shadowseeker:Wise.
[08/08/10 00:07] Shadowseeker:I learnt that the ground was cold.
[08/08/10 00:08] Shadowseeker:I encountered a Shade, and do you know what it told me? The secrets of their power?
[08/08/10 00:08] :Shadowseeker leans closer to the public
[08/08/10 00:08] Zleiphneir:I smoke nightshade, peace out
[08/08/10 00:09] Shadowseeker:Mur & Random:
[08/08/10 00:09] Shadowseeker:Mur! Mur, can you give me a drachorn?
[08/08/10 00:09] Zleiphneir:Mur. No.
[08/08/10 00:09] Shadowseeker:random: Mur, can you make me rpc?
[08/08/10 00:09] Zleiphneir:Mur: ...
[08/08/10 00:10] Shadowseeker:random: Please please please riibbit ribbit ribbit ribbit ribbbbit
[08/08/10 00:10] Shadowseeker:Mur, that was UNFAIR!
[08/08/10 00:10] Zleiphneir:and finally....Gargant and random:
[08/08/10 00:10] Zleiphneir:Random: Hey Gargant can you tell me how to get wps?
[08/08/10 00:11] Shadowseeker:Gargant: Become my adept and I will
[08/08/10 00:12] Shadowseeker:And thus our performance ends, ladies and gentlemen.
[08/08/10 00:12] Shadowseeker:I hope you enjoyed it.
[08/08/10 00:12] Asterdai: *claps heartily* soooo hard not to laugh and interrupt
[08/08/10 00:12] :Shadowseeker indicates a bow and then steps away from teh stage
[08/08/10 00:12] :Braess claps untill his hands start to bleed
[08/08/10 00:12] Aelis: *claps effusively* Awesome!
[08/08/10 00:12] Fyrd Argentus::)[/log]

[log='Asterdai's Poem'][08/08/10 00:18] :Asterdai takes a few deep breaths and smiles a little to ailith before changing his expression to one of determination
[08/08/10 00:18] Asterdai:Underneath the forest leaves
[08/08/10 00:19] :Asterdai stoops his back and crouches down low, arching his head up scanning the area before him with a wonderous frustration
[08/08/10 00:19] :Asterdai swings his arms in front of him and steps forward with them , pushing boldly through imaginary fronds of giant plants
[08/08/10 00:19] Asterdai:Hidden out of sight
[08/08/10 00:19] :Asterdai confuses his eyes and then takes deep breaths standing up and frantically looking from left to right
[08/08/10 00:20] :Asterdai looks sharply to ailith and then to Z , he speaks slowly and firmly, each word with intonation and conviction
[08/08/10 00:20] Asterdai:There lives a dangerous denizen *he snarls slowly and grins manically*
[08/08/10 00:20] Asterdai:whose teeth are pearly white
[08/08/10 00:20] Asterdai:And that which grins does surely snarl and rear its ugly head
[08/08/10 00:21] :Asterdai points into the crowd at Curiose
[08/08/10 00:21] Asterdai:YOU can hear its stomach rumbling, before it stops you and your company *looks to everyone in turn frantically*
[08/08/10 00:21] Asterdai:Dead
[08/08/10 00:21] :Asterdai stands up straight and pads down his overcoat and adusts his hat before tilting his head curiously to Fyrd Argentus
[08/08/10 00:21] Asterdai:Have you seen an elemental which seems to purely exist from fire?
[08/08/10 00:22] Asterdai:Which burns the ground it floats on, you may think that im a liar!
[08/08/10 00:22] :Asterdai turns back to address the audience narrowing his eyes
[08/08/10 00:22] Asterdai:Or a beady eyed bird which perches high upon rocky crag
[08/08/10 00:22] Asterdai:Which swoops down to disable its foe *holds out his hands clawing his fingers as if they were as sharp as talons*
[08/08/10 00:23] Asterdai:Or a hollow suit of armour clang together in life
[08/08/10 00:23] Asterdai:And another that can freeze you with snow *erects himself stiff as a board, legs together, arms by his side with a rictus grin*
[08/08/10 00:23] :Asterdai straightens himself up
[08/08/10 00:24] Asterdai:We must walk this ream, Behold!
[08/08/10 00:24] Asterdai:This is not a place for the meek!
[08/08/10 00:25] Asterdai:We must learn to fight, to control them!
[08/08/10 00:25] Asterdai:To yearn the lust for power we seek!
[08/08/10 00:26] :Asterdai smiles a little embarresedly to Ailith and quickly dashes off stage

[log='Zleiphneir's Story'][08/08/10 00:31] Zleiphneir:In a moment of time, there was a thing called the light. The light appeared differently to different people.
[08/08/10 00:31] Zleiphneir:To some it was a tiny almost insignificant yet powerful fragment,
[08/08/10 00:31] Zleiphneir:to others a glowing beauty they must possess which others were fools for ignoring,
[08/08/10 00:31] Zleiphneir:and some considered it just an insignificant something, nothing more, nothing less, a choice one might say useful for manipulating the other two groups.
[08/08/10 00:31] Zleiphneir:The second group were always at each others throats to get the glowing orb, but none could hold it. It would pass from one to the other frequently,
[08/08/10 00:32] Zleiphneir:even sometimes appearing in the hands of one who handn't sought it. This only made the craving worse.
[08/08/10 00:32] Zleiphneir:To the first group it felt unnecessary to catch, as the second group were so obsessive about owning it.
[08/08/10 00:32] Zleiphneir:These two groups never spoke to one another, other than to throw insults at how the other was ridiculous and at fault.
[08/08/10 00:32] Zleiphneir:The third group sat and watched what happened to the orb frequently, making notes on it. Sometimes one would acquire it by some means,
[08/08/10 00:32] Zleiphneir:and let it go as easily as it had come. They would now and then discuss the meaning of the orb with the other two groups.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:One day a man came from the east and saw the groups and the orb.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:He spoke to the first group and said, you are too arrogant to think it is useless and too sour to know it is powerful at the same time.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:To the second group he said, you are obsessed and should rest once in a while, spread your mind or it will wither.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:To the final group he said, and you...you think you are better for your lack of passion, but you have nothing but the view of a sewer as a result.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:The man was gone as quickly as he had come, and was never seen again.
[08/08/10 00:33] Zleiphneir:end.[/log]

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