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My 1St Try At Making A Quest


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Prize: 5 credits or if that is not possible, something of equivalent or even greater value. if you accomplish quest in such a way as to impress me, I will give you the whole 20 credits I will buy. there will only be one winner. you will be judged on a number of criteria.

quest: find me online in-game and have a chat with me. no PMs as others have a saved pm from me. you must find me alone. no one else must be around (it must only be the 2 of us) before you begin chat. then say the password. quest will start once you give me correct password. if there are others around, you must not speak to me. if you attempt to talk to me, or try to speak the password, when there are others around, you will be disqualified.

password: decipher this code: 23446078378

rules: no spoiling

end date: you have 1 month to find me. the quest will not end unless a winner emerges. it is quite possible there may be no winner.

MODS: pls close this topic now.

edit: i must, of course, be online and not idle.

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