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Crazymike's Trivia Results


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The winners are:

1. Asterdai
2. Shemhazaj
3. Zleiphneir

Questions and answers:
CrazyMike bought an item from Jtz Champion. Who was it intended for? WINDY
During the HC that CrazyMike got second place, he had a huge fight with? RAVEN
Who was CrazyMike first adept of? SMARTALEKRJ
Who did CrazyMike officially dated in MD? There was only one. MERU CHI
Who in GOTR that CrazyMike trains a lot with? SHEMHAZAJ
Who swore CrazyMike into GOTR? BLACKTHORN
Who was CrazyMike’s adept that was sent to jail? DEATH RAY
Who was the only player that CrazyMike had an RP fight with? GRANOS
In MRD’s final quest, who did CrazyMike say is the best player in MD? DST
Who gave the first WP to CrazyMike? AKASHA
When CrazyMike was in MP4, he always spar with? KARAK

Answers and players holding them:
WINDY – Dracoloth 198736
RAVEN – Nylah Raynen 165793
SMARTALEKRJ - Robin Mea 170600, flangilaportium 36069
MERU CHI – MRHoly One 92070
SHEMHAZAJ – Yala Sviseusen 200735
BLACKTHORN – Peace 106399
DEATH RAY - Handy Pockets 136253
GRANOS – Mya Celestia 129416
DST – Pamplemousse 91984
AKASHA – Shemhazaj 143975
KARAK – Amoran K Kol 87285

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