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This is where the members can keep a check on what they should be doing :

1) Find a training partner or form a training group. The people within this group (or your partner) does not have to be a member of the Savelites. Try to work with other members of the Loreroot alliances or Loreroot citizens. Other alliances and lands (or lack of) are fine as well.

2) Work on your part of the Sermons each month. Your part would consist of anything related to what you do within the alliance.

This is just a simple guideline to help you get started :

- Paladins should perhaps contain something about fighting or training (role play or not, magic or not)
- Clerics should contain something to do with healing (again, role play or not)

3) Help Initiates with their tasks. However, be sure not to give spoilers while doing this.

These are not mandatory :

4) Try to work on quests, either completing them or creating them.

5) Do some research on things.

More will come soon.

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