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Mushroom Hunt!


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[b]Mystery Quest - "Who stole Curi's mushroom?!"[/b]

I, Curiose, have lost a very precious item! My Mushroom God! I was alone… when suddenly, I was attacked! I had passed out, but when I had woken… I found my Mushroom God was gone!! Please help me find the culprit, and my beloved Mushroom! Shroom-Hunters must depict what happened in my state of unconsciousness, as I have received notice that my Mushroom disappeared somewhere within Loreroot…

[b]Reward[/b]: 1 Wishpoint for first person to return to me my Mushroom.

[b]Location[/b]: Starting Point- Archives Study Room
For those who actually find the Mushroom, I would like it if you PM me the answers to what the clues mean. From there, go to whom you think the culprit is and try to convince said person to give it back. I do so very much miss my Mushy-Mush-Mushroom.

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