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Week Long Quest Extended! - Scavenger Hunt!

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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Public Log Scavenger Hunt!

[size="4"]Explaination[/size] - This scavenger hunt is mainly aimed at the younger, newer generations of the realm. It is designed for the new ones to 'meet' the older generation, or those who may aid them well in the future. So, instead of simply hunting for names to receive a wish point, hunt for conversation. This is meant to be enjoyable, not your usual boring "seek and find" quest.

Those who wish to participate must seek the owners of each of these 25 public log entries. Make a list of names as you find the owner of each public log, and wish each of these people a friendly hello along the way. PM me the list of names for judging.

I will not answer whether anyone is correct, but the first one to complete this correctly will likely get a wish point. The second may gain a creature, and the third may gain some silver.

Answers and prizes will be distributed at the end of the festival, or the time allowed for the quest may be extended depending on how many join.

[size="4"]Rules for the Scavenger Hunt[/size] - I am not certain if there is a specific way to 'cheat' at this, however.. if I find that anyone who has previously completed the quest has cheated.. you will not receive a wish point, and you will be banned from participating in any further festival events.

[size="4"]Reward[/size] - One wish point to the first person to complete this quest correctly or semi-correct.

To begin....

1. So cute when he\'s being all big and strong.

2. Boho skirt meets toast hand.

3. Beauty so deadly Beauty so dark Eyes so steadily A flame from a spark

4. He has my interest, He has caught my eye, This i know is not a lie, Survivor of my dark kiss, Giver of my Bliss.

5. I have never seen such an intensely roleplayed handshake as the one he had with burns.

6. She has a heart of gold and a face as pretty as the dew sparkling on a early winters morn.....a good friend.

7. Beaconsteins Monster...

8. Ghostie is pretty cool.

9. dosent know bout words to much sorry to say

10. Crazy as a peach-orchard boar, but a sweetie... even when she is acting all sarcastic and mysterious and stuff. She\'s totally gonna rule the world. Funnier and more creative than anyone I know.

11. Tricksy...thats what he is...

12. A new man with a hint of darkness. His eyes see what others can not in the dark.A good friend and excellent dueling companion.

13. Too clever by half.

14. Most certainly a traitor - power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

15. Owed one silver for returning a valued item.

16. A wonderful person. Good friend, gives good advice, definitely someone who deserves respect. ps. I have given his fluffiness braids and fine white flowers. Quite a lovely bit of work, if I do say so myself.

17. Poor sad clown, yet unafraid of the invisible boxes. Her hug kinda takes your breath away.

18. Wise fellow, always seeking answers to better himself, if you are his friend then you are blessed if you are his foe, Mur help you..

19. An undead huh? The dead sure find the living amusing.

20. Gifted. Were she on the market, I should purchase her.

21. May you grow big and strong, and have many women...

22. He seems very lonely. One will always love and lose, and with hope such love will return.

23. One of the most naturally gifted poets in the realm. Funny, bold, and sharp. I am honored to call her Legend Speaker and rival.

24. I am honoured to know her, and call her friend. Her gentle smile and warm words always sooth that which is rough and lost within.

25. Canny and trustworthy. A friend. One whose wisdom oft falls on deaf ears.

[size="4"]Note: There are ways to cheat at this, but if I catch anyone cheating you will be disqualified.
-This is also posted in my quest page, but very few people have participated so the quest has been extended for another week.[/size]

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Unfortunately the quest is closed now, Elthen. If you have any answers to the quest, please PM them to me. :)

Please, for any who may have participated: Of those I have gathered the names Yala, Peace, Ratbert, Doije Krus, and others, please send in your remaining entries for judging.

Via PM in game or via forum PM.

Thank you all for participating, I hope you enjoyed the quest despite it's difficulty.

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[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/8458-artwork-quest-results/page__view__findpost__p__73603"]Yala: This is what happened. I can't give any wish points until the information is taken off of my other computer. I can give the normal prizes like coins, creatures, avatars, etc...[/url]

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