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Wts Some Crits+Material


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Im selling some of my crits, mainly angiens i bough some time ago for aging, and an material item.

1-Angien age 162
2-Angien age 161
3-Angien age 159
4-Angien age 156
5-Angien age 155
6-Angien age 154
7-Tormented Soul age 300- 11s by Ivorak
[s]8-Pimped Grasan age 346 sold[/s]
[s]9-BloodPact Dark Archer age 343,[claw1],[emeraldglare],[purpurmoon] sold[/s]
10-10kg of Stone Powder- 1g 2s by Asterdai
11-Imperial Aramor age 327

PM or post any offers. Ends on Sunday evening, 23:00 server time.

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why have some auction items been sold already? i should like to complete MY trade also :P also the bidding was supposed to go on for a week, and the deadline changed for no reason?

I will be purchasing it for Grido and his lighthouse project.

For Golemus!

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Well as for the BP and the pimped grasan i received an offer i just couldn't refuse and i seriously doubted that a better offer would be made for them. When i started this post i said it would go on for around 2 weeks, and last Sunday i updated it saying it would end after a week so its not like i lied or deceived u guys.

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