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Selling Gg Drach Or Wind Part 2


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Now that dst's auction is over, time for me to start a new one :P

Contents are pretty much the same: selling a GG drach or a windy (I'll just mutate the GG drach) for paypal credits.

Said drach is currently 319 days old, though from dst's thread I suspect that mutating it will mean the age drops to 0. Drach is tokened with the following:


Will sell only if the price is right. Bids are welcome via posts or PM. Will close this in 10 days.

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Sorry asterdai, I missed your edit for what the bid is for. As for the price, I'm actually referencing dst's sale price at the end of her auction ($95) for an untokened drach, so I'm expecting this one to sell at least for near that amount.

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Just an FYI from the one who set that referrence...

- It wasn't a drach it was a wind dragon I bought (thats quite an important difference...)
- I would never have paid that amount if I didn't know the money was going back into MD in this case. I don't know about the other bidders.

As you haven't stated either way about the paypal, I wouldn't bid any high amount at all on it...let alone for in or around $95.


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Yes Z, it's also a wind drach that I was referring to (sorry for confusing some people by calling the wind as "drach" instead of dragon. Since it is mutated from a drach I usually prefer to call it that way). As for the money, it might go back to MD depending on what comes out on christmas, but I can't say that it is a certainty. I do have a bid of I'll-go-up-to $90 right now but I'm still working it out with the person so I haven't put it into first post yet.

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