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Artwork Quest: Results

Amoran Kalamanira Kol

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In regards to the artwork quest, I have judged the entries and have picked three entries that I found to be unique but equally well done in different ways. I had great trouble choosing these top three because there were so many wonderful entries!

[size="4"][b]The top three best artworks are as followed (in no particular order):[/b][/size]

[size="3"]Yoshi[/size] - His entry was a cup that had been decorated with images of fall-themed things.
[i]Comments: I found his entry to be creative in that he chose to use something somewhat different, an autumy-colored cup, as a base for the drawings, which were well done considering that they were drawn in marker.[/i]

[size="3"]Zleipheir[/size] - His entry is what looks like, to me, to be a winter wind blowing the leaves away from trees.
[i]Comments: I thought this was kind of cool, considering that very few had thought up this idea, and the artwork was well done too.[/i]

[size="3"]Marvolo[/size] - His entry reminds me of autumn leaves in the sunlight. He showed great skill in drawing the details of the leaves, as well as creating a suitable background for the image.
[i]Comments: I liked the realistic sense that was shown in his drawing, it created a certain atmosphere to the artwork and.. over all, it was beautifully done.[/i]

[size="4"][b]Honorable Mention:[/b][/size]

[size="3"]Mr Mystery
Shadow Seeker
Assira the Black[/size]

-Gold Avatar
-Aged Pimped Grasan, 12 branches
-Gold coins
-Aged creatures

Please note that every contestant will get ~something~ from this quest, no matter how small the reward may seem, you will be rewarded.

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Wish points will have to be given out as the very last prize. There was an accident with my laptop where it fell off of one of our TV trays and into the coffee table. The screen is cracked and currently I can't access the information on the hard drive.

Unfortunately, this means that I can't get to my phone book, my back up MD folder, or any of my personal information. Basically, I can't get the wish point codes.

Once my brother is able to extract the information from the hard drive, I'll give the wish points out. If they happen to expire before then, I will talk to the Speaker of the Forest, Firsanthalas about getting two more.

[b]This is for those who were wondering why they haven't been given a prize yet.
Please note that all other prizes, such as coins, aged creatures, etc. will be given normally. [/b]

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I was recently able to access my laptop, under the supervision of my brother (the techie) and I was able to get the wish point codes needed for the quests.

Rewards are currently in distribution: As stated in the Mood Panel... I am Searching for Mr. Mystery, Shadow Seeker, Adiomino, Assira the Black, Master Hitoshi, and BFH LIGHTHING. Come and claim your rewards!

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