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Golemus And Marind Bell Talks


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With talks completed between the Golemus leaders and with Lifeline the King of Marind Bell
We have come to a desission in regards to the actions taken by lifeline and the Drachorn cave.

looking back on a long history of good relations between our land it has be decided to accept
lifelines apoligy but with some conditions. As this has caused a strain between the two
lands. With this in mind it has been decided that Lifeline is not allowed to enter Golemus
without express premission from Yrthilian King of Golemus. This will be reviewd again at a later
date. In regards to the citizens of marind Bell they are not to be attacked on site if seen within

With regards the other players that were involved in the Drachor Lair Incident they are to be
concidered enimies of Golemus and there for if seen within the borders of our land are to be
attacked on site. The people in volved will be listed below This list will be added to as i find
out more on the people involved.

In regards the citizens of Golemus that were involved. The leaders of the alliance will carry
out their own invistagations and punishments.


King of Golemus
Golemus Technomage

Edited by Yrthilian
removed Rhaegar from the list
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