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[b][2010-11-23 19:08:19 - Stage 10][/b]

Lair Keepers
I am initiating a new order, responsable of taking care of the Drachorns. It will be called "Lair Keepers". The drachorns are ancient creatures, no longer recruitable, this requires some sort of protection for them so that they keep the age when transfered. Lair Keepers will be allowed to grant MAGIC CTC for drachs, but also transfer them without penalty, IF, and only if the order considers the new or existing owner fit their "drach protecion code". The order will be neutral, the drachs well-being having priority over land loyalty or other matters. The Lair keepers will obey as a guild their king, but the use of their abilities will be their decision not the kings choice. As first leader and founder of the Lair Keepers I assign *Indyra*, it will be up to her who to invite next. The abilities will be implemented on the way, they are not done yet.
by Mur

[b][2010-11-22 03:26:41 - Stage 10][/b]

Drach Lair access restriction rule will be lifted as soon as the cave becomes technically a prison. This means it will no longer be forbidden to be inside, but it will be theoretically impossible. (This leaves space for certain things)

[b][2010-11-22 03:23:33 - Stage 10][/b]

Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 3

Following players will be punished for getting into the drach Lair.

[18/11/10 06:53] Seigheart:Grido, I'll take my chances at the lair. It's a risk I an willing to take.
Seigheart had a significant role in helping and planning of this crime and should received a heavy penalty.
[A pardon was granted by Mur for undisclosed reasons.]

Mood panel stauts: "Set at Drach L muhahah"
Manda finds himself the second time in a crime related to the drach cave after being punished and warned once about this. He will remain locked in the cave on undefined period, together with SmartAlekRJ.

MasterB [investigation done]
will do two weeks jail and received a warning that next time he will get involved in a crime that disregards traditions of his land, his punishment will be a lot worse.

I want to congratulate BigC that expressed his public concern about the legality of the situation and exited the cave refusing to stay in an off-limits location.

[b][2010-11-22 03:04:14 - Stage 10][/b]

Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 2

The drach Cave will be set to prison mode with him locked inside. I am aware of all implications of prison mode in a location not in the depth of the realm. The cave is afterall a prison for the Drachorn since it was made (drawing shows that), now their former master should share the same fate after disrespecting it by willingly bringing a large amount of players in sacred place.

[b] [2010-11-22 02:58:33 - Stage 10][/b]
Regarding the GG Drach Cave incident - Part 1

Lifeline Kingship penalty
An official character, especially a king, commits a big crime if he sets such a negative example of ignorance towards announcements and rules. Cave was closed, officially, and announced, long ago. Lifeline took a deliberate decision to ignore his uncertainty about if he should enter the cave or not. An other condamnable act is that a King of a land cares to develop something in an other land, ignoring borders, and not trying to bring the activiy to his land.
Since this is an official document, I cleaned it up. Please understand, it was not for discussion.[/color]

Edited by Indyra
removed a double bit
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