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Tree And Woodcutter


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Two pacts were offered and agreed to, between Awiiya the Tree and Laphers the Woodcutter (and current leader):

This Tree, Awiiya, recognizes that in order to allow for creation, things must be die, and though destruction of the new is abhorrent, gentle pruning of the old, inefficient, and outdated is as necessary and fitting.

In addition to the destruction of the physical there must, however, be the generation of information, often kept in the form of words, stories, or symbols. Awiiya asks that Laphers and his followers never destroy without first knowing, and to share the past. It is only by the sublimation of the past to bring to the future that we can build and avoid a perpetual cycle of paralysis.

In acceptance of this pact, Awiiya grants his blessing to Laphers, to saw and cut, and build anew with what has been reaped. Though Awiiya does not speak for the forest, he does speak for himself, and should the need arise, would gladly provide his own branches, leaves, and seeds.

Printed Day 337, Year 5
Further sealed with a Bone Saw, symbolic of the relationship between cutting and growing.[/quote]

This Man, Laphers, recognizes that in order to preserve knowledge and life the past must be preserved, passed on freely when needed and not horded for personal gain.

Though trees must be cut and trimmed to supply those who have need, never will Laphers and his followers take more than is needed, always protecting the Forest's future.

In acceptance of this pact, Laphers offers his saw, ax, strength and mind to defend the tree Awiiya from any unwarranted attack on his treeness. Though Laphers may not always speak for the Woodcutters, he does speak for himself and any who follow him, and would water Awiiya's roots with his blood if needed.

Printed Day 337, Year 5
Further sealed with an offering of sawdust for mulch, symbolic of the relationship of life growing strong out of death.


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