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Rask - Reason For Ban


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Rask purposefully ignored the rules I had set for the Land and was actively working against me. He was invited into Necrovion out of my respect for Khalazdad even though he made very clear his plans to take over the Crown. He spent the majority of his time teaching people about the Desert and telling people I was not worthy to rule Necrovion, even though those were both against my laws.
I told him not to insult my reign in public and not to refer to Necrovion as a Desert, and the next day caught him telling new players that inside the Howling Gates was the Desert and trying to educate them about it. While he did not say that Necrovion was a Desert, telling people that asked about Necrovion about the Desert instead is tantamount to the same thing. I very clearly stated that if he continued I would take action against him, and he responded that I should stop talking and just do it already, and insulted my reign once more. Since this was not the attitude of someone who was going to change their ways, I did as he asked and exiled him.

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