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Resource Orders

The Warrior

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Please could current guild members post here the resources that are available.

The current prices are (subject to change):

1-9 Lumber: 1 Silver Coin (10-19: 2 SC etc.)
1-9 Branches: 1 Silver Coin (10-19: 2 SC etc.)
1-9 Sawdust: 2 Silver Coins (10-19: 3 SC etc.)

Any order greater than 100 must be specially arranged.

Treebark and Resin are currently unavailable.
Each of us can only transfer the maximum amount of resources we have.

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hmm the pricing seems ok
at least until something comes along that lest you use the wood
i currently have 192 lumber to sell too

I used this topic to sell the lumber as I dont want to put my wares into competition
with the WC guild as per my chat with the now leader.
SO as per my agreement with Fir i will stick to the tax on the lumber.
But i will also add a donation from the fund to the WC Guild.

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[quote name='I am Bored' timestamp='1311210448' post='88433']
Well, as large orders need to be arranged, Here I am. I would like to buy 1k branches, as well as 1k lumber.

Proposed price: 200 silver

Understood, I'll need another guild member to agree to such a large order but I don't see a problem, it will take time however.

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With the recent post by Mur regarding resources and availability, the guild will be discussing it's pricing structure. If you have a current order that hasn't been filled yet please contact us as to whether you wish to change anything about your order.

[url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10251-social-and-market-issues-with-the-cauldron-items/"]Mur's post[/url]

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