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Xmas day 2010 Lumber Harvesting


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This is a short public statement and does not contain all facts and figures but only those pertinent to the resultant.

In Brief:
On the night of December 25th it was noted that the single Lumber resource at the path of Lonliness had been harvested.

Necromancer Mortis, spokesperson for the woodcutters guild, was quick to offer his services to investigate the matter. The resultant was that they do not know what happened and that others have tools to harvest which are outside the guild.

The woodcutters are the guild and only group that could be considered charged with governing wood collection and tree cutting within the realm and are therefore those to be held accountable for offering an explanation.

In the absence of said explanation the Guardians of Bob have found:
- No trade log record of anyone enacting this harvesting
- A database management activity was in process at the time of the incident
- The single lumber has regenerated despite a 50% regeneration rule.

Due to the anomilous regeneration, the lack of log and the database update that was in progress, we believe that this situation was a glitch in the fabric of reality and not an attack on Bob the Tree. We appreciate the co-operation the woodcutters have shown in this matter.

Unless further information comes to light, no further action will be taken on the matter.


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Nice investigative work Z

when you were researching did you find out who has harvesting tools in general, for example and axe for cutting wood, im sure knowing such information may be considered asking for a "spoiler" in a way so i do not really expect an answer, ill just open my eyes.
As far as i thought The Warrior and Mortis, and muratus del mur were the only people who may have the item to do it with!
just curious i guess how many people can cut wood at the moment as i thought it was only those within the alliance who have tools (apart from Mur)

(READ your post phantasm, i looked and found a GOB post about it, thanks... it was a real nice read seeing everyone talking about this situation, hmm and laphers is the leader.. thanks for your help Mya)

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i think the matter more Blacky was in the manner this whole ordeal was handled. This was the first, and hopefully the only time that this has come up. It wasn't handled very well imo, but the result is still things are back to normal. No person actually injured the Tree, so Tree is fine. It was more a matter of the issue in how things of this magnitude are handled by those who are supposedly in charge of such things.

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