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WTS Rustgold Drachorn

Mr Mystery

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1)Age 231 -6GC
No tokens

2)Age 307
12 Tokens

Will accept GC. Other types of Drachs(If needed coins can be added.
Only intrested in

Will add coins if needed.

Will only sell no.2 if it involves another Drach, or is intresting(items, etc)

Will be sold when satisfied.

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I'll offer these:

Marksman age 33 token blooddrop 3

Imp age 34 tokens Blooddrop 1, blackdiamonds, stardust

Joker age38 tokens stardust, osirisbelt, blooddrop2, claw2, purpurfog

And 2 gold coins

For number 1

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[quote name='Mr Mystery' timestamp='1294349317' post='76989']
1)Age 231 -5GC
No tokens

so I can start my bid like 6GC (about the Marksmen we can talk/negociate in this amount)

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