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Angien Expansion


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As some know, I've had a tutorial quest for some time now, to which i recently released the 3rd part.
Apparently, the level of difficulty got pretty much out of hand, and instead of awarding an Angien to the solvers, the first convincingly good solution gets a Wishpoint.

People who read the Ongoing Quest page have an advantage, it's been advertised there for 2 weeks, and several have signed up already, so you'll probably need to hurry.

Due to technical matters, you can only participate when you come to Marble Dale Park, as you need my signpost to play.
I need your ID to unlock the option for you, so best send me a PM in game to try your luck.

PS: Teamplay is allowed, but just like with the Highlander, there can only be one winner.

PPS: No, I'm not making stuff up about the solution. It can be solved, and there is an outsider (not MD player) who doublechecks your solutions. It just looks like magic, even when you do it right :))

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Hooray, just 5 months!

Nimrodel and duxie solved the quest tonight, with an amazing kind of solution, as i may add. Sharing it is obviously up to their discretion.
The quest goes on, I still have a bunch of angiens that need a new owner.

Duxie received the wishpoint, as decided by them.

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A real nerve-breaker, this quest. But whoa! Loads of info. Helped me see the angiens in a whole new light. Also, helped me understand the game at a totally different level. Thank you Burns. All the effort put in was well 'invested' ;)

Without you duxie, I'd have never finished the quest. :D Congrats to us!

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A year ago, i've implanted a counting mechanism in this quest, here are the statistics:
925 uniques started at the shopkeeper, 218 more got there a second time on MP 4 or 5 (due to the keys being lost when you go to the next level)
128 uniques reached the end of the newbie bit, 9 got there a second time
12 people claimed the reward for reaching the end of the harder bit
Nim and duxie still are the only people with the solution to the angien bit.

I don't know if anybody keeps track of when the newbies stop during the tutorial, but apparently no more than 1000, and that's already including some alts, make it past willow's guards, and that's like, 3rd or 4th day. What's that, 1% of the registered accounts? <.<
Maybe, and that's just a thought, tutorial should be changed an itsy bitsy bit to be a little more related to how MD actually is these days... and not how it was during the shade war... >.>

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