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Renavoid Memorial Service Log


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here is the log of the event.


phantasm: *smiles and nods* sephi

: phantasm nods to BFH

phantasm: I would have been here sooner, but was working dilligently on the memorial

: *Mya Celestia* lands on the path near the fence


Sephirah Caelum: yes Masterchief. Anything I should do now?

phantasm: Are you prepared for the service?

: Sephirah Caelum nods

phantasm: good, good

phantasm: I am afraid the memorial isn't as beautiful as I had hoped to make it, my artisan skills are somewhat lacking

: phantasm takes off the cloth and reveals a stone statue of wrists together coming out of the ground, the hands face outwards, holding an open book

: phantasm there is a small chip out of the top left side of the book, and upon the book is an inscription that says "Never forgotten, So Never Really Gone"

: phantasm the statue is humble, and a bit rough, but sturdy

Sephirah Caelum: it is a memorable statue masterchief

Sephirah Caelum: should I start?

phantasm: give others a few moments to come

: Sephirah Caelum nods and waits at the left of the statue

*Mya Celestia*: Maybe an announcement at the park?

phantasm: a good idea mya, would you mind?

*Mya Celestia*: Sure

: *Mya Celestia* flies off

: *Shadowseeker* looks arounds silently, then just decides to sit down on the grass

: Seigheart walks to the House with his Shade leering over his shoulder.

: Sephirah Caelum nods to the coming

Seigheart: Will Renavoid be here?

*Mya Celestia*: *lands again* Posted at the park and GoE

: phantasm shakes his head no

Seigheart: Before we begin, a shameless plug?

phantasm: I would rather you didn't

Sephirah Caelum: thankyou Mya

Seigheart: Oh well, look at my MoodPanel at any rate. Win a Free Rusty.

: *Mya Celestia* frowns

Sephirah Caelum: Please respect the moment Mr *looks at Seigheart*

: phantasm waits to see if any others are joining

Seigheart: And now the time to lament has come upon us...

: Seigheart takes his place on the Wall overlooking the Accursed Growth.

phantasm: *clears his throat and begins* Today we gather to pay respects to the work done by Renavoid

: phantasm points to a stone carving beside him, about waist high

phantasm: the statue is of two wrists together coming from the ground, the hands facing way rom ech other holding an open book*

: phantasm the book has a small chip out of the top left side and engraved on the book is the words "Never Forgotten, So Never Really Gone"

: phantasm takes out of his cloak a small wood carving of a man sitting on a bench, playing a lute

phantasm: [Video link]

phantasm: Many viewed him in many ways, but all know he was Master Archavist and a writer of songs

: phantasm places the small wood carving upon the book of the stone memorial

: phantasm nods for Sephirah to come forward

: phantasm steps out of the way so Sephirah may take the spot he was standing

: Sephirah Caelum nods and walks foward

Sephirah Caelum: The Renavoid I knew

Sephirah Caelum: was a man who loved his dragons

Sephirah Caelum: loved his friends

Sephirah Caelum: helped the ones in need when he was close

Sephirah Caelum: that is the Renavoid I knew. And this is the one I'll remember.

: Sephirah Caelum nods and paces back

phantasm: *walks back to his place* We all choose to remember those of great name in their own way

phantasm: many of us too young to know him when he was most active

Seigheart: Shoeps. *nods and smiles*

Shoeps: :)

phantasm: I remember when I was a very young MP4

phantasm: the crazed Renavoid, who spent his days flying around in an airship, and finally crashing into this very house

phantasm: we thought him gone from us then, but walked from rubble and continues his days, though much less active and more distant then before

phantasm: DST has come here today to tell her viewpoint of the man

: *dst* clears throat

phantasm: though her's may not be the same as ours, it is no less important

: phantasm nods to DST

*dst*: yes, I will present Rentavaoid the way I knew him

*dst*: to me he was an abuser

*dst*: back then, in the old days, we all were young, inexperienced and a little...noobs :D

phantasm: [Video link]

: Sir Noobalot walks in and waves HELLO!

*dst*: my only hobby in MD was fighting

*dst*: stats, xp, raising crits, more stats

*dst*: naturally, I attacked everything that moved

*dst*: until one day when I hit a wall

*dst*: it was Renavoid

*dst*: I checked his stats and my jaw dropped

*dst*: his regen, attack and def were huge

*dst*: we had an rgument because I accused him of cheating

*dst*: cheating by asking Mur to incerase his stats

*dst*: Renavoid denied it

*dst*: Mur denied it

*dst*: but I was not convinced that everything was as Renavoid said it was

*dst*: he said that he got the stats by fighting

*dst*: little did i know back then that he was an NPC (same as wodin and smary)

*dst*: so he was able to attack everyone each minute

*dst*: from that moment I kept an eye on renavoid

Pipstickz: And ever since then you hated him, good story

*dst*: he doesn't deserve my hate

Seigheart: I do!

Pipstickz: Of course not.

*dst*: btw Pip: if i bore you, you can leave

*dst*: and come back when I am done

*dst*: ok, i will be short from now on

phantasm: yes please remain quiet

Pipstickz: Oh, you're the only reason I'm here.

*dst*: imo his rp sucked

: Asterdai coughs

*dst*: what's the thing with spaceships and all that nonsense?

: phantasm chuckles

*dst*: he was in charge of Al

*dst*: what he did?

*dst*: he wrote anout unknown players back then

*dst*: as an example: Amoran and her alt Kalamanira Kol

*dst*: he left out people like Sacophils, Cirith and other great players

*dst*: first time I met Amoran was in the Al

*dst*: that is not good

*dst*: anyway, back to our sheep *cough* renavoid

*dst*: he left and came back at one point

*dst*: he started a quest

*dst*: I joined only to watch him leave again in the middle of the quest

*dst*: since then I never bother with his quests

*dst*: oh...and as a small gossip

*dst*: it is said that the first time he left, he did it cause Mur didn't give him what he wanted :D

dst*: also I heared that Renavoid wanted Mur to ban him so he tried to piss Mur

phantasm: *coughs a little and smiles* thank you DST

*dst*: imo that says a lot about someone

*dst*: ok, I am done

*dst*: now I can go and sleep :D

*dst*: thank you

: Sephirah Caelum nods to dst

phantasm: *clears his throat and speaks* In DST's own way she shows us all something

Seigheart: If you say so...

phantasm: we are all imperfect, we all suffer from our own flaws, from the newest of noobs, to the greatest of veterans

phantasm: As she said, he also helped to create powerful persona's in new players

*dst*: yeah, he pissed me so bad that I wanted to be stronger then him

*dst*: maybe I should thank him for that...hmmm..maybe not

*dst*: sorry...im done :D

phantasm: He helped to create a spirit in others, whether he, or they knew it or not

phantasm: Through both his songs, and his writings

phantasm: Kings also knew him well, all muddling through the stages of noob together

phantasm: For we are all noobs once

: phantasm nods for Yrthillian to step forward and steps aside

Pipstickz: .

yrthilian: huh sorry wass not to awake there

: phantasm chuckles

yrthilian: hmm well i cant speak for the othr kings but i knew ren from back when i started

yrthilian: thoes were the days

yrthilian: Ren knew me when i was just starting my work on being a technomage

yrthilian: wow that was a long time ago

yrthilian: it was always good fun to talk about MD stuff with ren he always had a diffrent view one could ponder

yrthilian: made on think a lot about what they seen and believed

yrthilian: shame we dont have that thies days. even though it was hard getting info from ren it was always worth the chat

phantasm: [Video link]

yrthilian: he will be missed

: *dst* cough

phantasm: *nods in agreement* well said

phantasm: Renavoid affected the life of most all the veterans of today, some in good, some in bad

phantasm: He still affects those of today, with the stories you hear now, will carry on with you

phantasm: Let us hope this memorial provides a way for those who have yet to find this realm a way to hear such stories again

phantasm: and that those of us in this realm for long already, to remember that we all play a part in this place

phantasm: Sheops would you care to say a few words?

Shoeps: Well. Ren was a good guy and always helpfull

Shoeps: I might say i know him pretty wel sinse i worked close with him in the old days

Shoeps: It is a big los for md.

Shoeps: All i want to say is tha I will miss him.

Shoeps: Thank you for letting me say a little word.

phantasm: *nods* as I think most of us here will

phantasm: From the oldest of us that still walk this place, to some of the very new veterans have had their lives impacted by such a man

phantasm: as to only hope that one day, we all have such an impact upon others as Renavoid did us

Pipstickz: I disagree

phantasm: One of the newer veterans is Mya, who now carries a dragon of Renavoid's *nods for Mya to come forward*

: *Mya Celestia* steps forward

*Mya Celestia*: Two years ago I came to this realm and remember seeing the list of RPCs. Renavoid's name was one of them.

*Mya Celestia*: I'll be honest. When I first met anybody on that list and they spoke to me, I was "star struck".

*Mya Celestia*: After nearly a year and a half, I thought I was over that until I met Renavoid at the inn.

*Mya Celestia*: I know that sounds silly.

*Mya Celestia*: He quickly wisked that away with a friendly chat and stories of mattress racing.

*Mya Celestia*: It wasn't long after that Ren a few others and myself had a mattress race. It was great fun.

*Mya Celestia*: *laughs softly* Even better was when we bungee jumped at Wind's Sanctuary

*Mya Celestia*: Although I think Rensak sort of let Ren miss the mattress.

Sir Noobalot: (O.o)

*Mya Celestia*: For all the laughs and fun, Ren always slipped a comment in at some point that made you think.

*Mya Celestia*: His little comments got me studying spell docs and principles at a deeper level.

*Mya Celestia*: *looks over at the house* While many knew him in their own ways, there's a real chance that none will ever get to meet him again.

*Mya Celestia*: That's what's truly sad

: *Mya Celestia* nods to Phantasm before stepping down

: phantasm nods in agreement and steps up again

phantasm: As many veterans before, some become legends, people who impacted the very foundatino of this place*

phantasm: ammy would you like to say a few words?

phantasm: *raises an eyebrow and then speaks* Sephirah will now say a few words in closing

: Sephirah Caelum nods and steps foward

Sephirah Caelum: Death, in many ways is something more temporary then permanetn in this world

Sephirah Caelum: this momentus is to remember the beuty of a life

Sephirah Caelum: not only the good things or qualitis of Renavoid

Sephirah Caelum: ut also his mistakes, afterall, everything he did, told and did was him

Sephirah Caelum: *bows* thank you everyone for joining.

: Amoran K Kol frowns slightly.

phantasm: (you would if you wre on fenrir)

Seigheart: (I have to sit on his lap in order to say something?)

: *dst* high fives phantasm

*dst*: kudos!!

Curiose: whoot. : x

Curiose: Yes, Seig, we totally want you to sit on his lap and go for a spin because you obviously aren't fenrir.

Seigheart: <--- Seigheart.

: phantasm pokes ammy again

*dst*: as we say in romanian: go and walk the bear :D

Sephirah Caelum: *looks around and stends hand to her place* please, say a few words to Renavoid

Curiose: What does that mean?

: Amoran K Kol glances down at Phantasm's finger, showing him a blank look.

Amoran K Kol: Very well.

Seigheart: Maybe it should stay in Romanian. In english it means... nothing. O.o

: *Mya Celestia* coughs

Amoran K Kol: I do have a few words to say..

*dst*: no, it shouldn't

phantasm: *smiles* by all means ammy

*dst*: cause it says lots in english

Seigheart: Go walk a bear?

Curiose: Well, I know a bear is a dangerous animal that could tear you to shreds...

Seigheart: It's a redundant euphamism.

: Amoran K Kol frowns at Seigheart and dst.

Seigheart: So are dogs, Curiose.

Amoran K Kol: Renavoid, though he had his faults, did many things for many people in this realm.

Seigheart: Bears are just as like to attack you as a dog is.

Amoran K Kol: He attempted to uphold the legend of BigC, Khalazdad, and others, and I find that I can respect him for this.

Curiose: As is you proclaiming to nto be fenrir-- redundant. And they are, but they are domesticated. But anywho, I will shush for Amo-Ladeh. ,3

Curiose: ^<3

Seigheart: I CLEARLY am NOT Fenrir.

Amoran K Kol: He helped create stories for those who were new to the realm, and attempted to bring something special to this place

Curiose: Are you a fool? Clearly.

Amoran K Kol: He was met with misfortune, but I commend him for trying.

Amoran K Kol: Of all his faults, I find his determination outshined them all.

Amoran K Kol: That is all I wish to say

Seigheart: Curiose, my name is Seigheart, not Fenrir. If a bunch of petty little women can't grow up enough to just drop this, what can I do.

: Curiose pounces on Amoran.

Curiose: Well, I'll grow up once you grow some balls and maybe a brain.

: Amoran K Kol sighs

phantasm: I would like to thank everyone for coming to this memorial

Seigheart: I have more balls than you can handle. And I don't need to have a brain to have more than you.

Asterdai: and me to thank you for your well thought out words

: Sagewoman hands Mya a package of tissues

Seigheart: I would like to thank Phantasm for ruining it with his snide remarks.

: Asterdai lowers her head

*Mya Celestia*: (Seig's fb pic doesn't look a pic I saw of Fenrir)

Amoran K Kol: The ego will be the death of us all.

Curiose: Sure, since it's fried in your own greed and stuidity.

Curiose: ^stupidity

: Rumi wonders about those mouth sewing kits

phantasm: Many wonderful things were said, and hopefully it provided an insight to who Renavoid was for those of us who knew little about him

Amoran K Kol: This community is diminished and damaged.. we cannot even hold a memorial for a fallen member without arguing over petty things.

Seigheart: (Ughh, that's because I'M NOT FENRIR)

*Mya Celestia*: (that was the point I was trying to mak

Seigheart: (I know, and I appreciate that Mya.)

: *Mya Celestia* nuzzles Ancally then hugs him gently

Shoeps: AKK, you are right..:(

phantasm: *nods in agreement with Ammy* though it easy enough to overlook the few for the whole

Sagewoman: *stage whisper* Has dst fried Renavoid yet or did I miss it?

Amoran K Kol: Do not encourage, Sage.

phantasm: aye wife, you did, though I will post a copy of the memorial

*dst*: have a bit of decency

Sagewoman: I'm no longer your wife. *blows nose*

: phantasm points again to the statue, two wrists together, hands spread opposite each other and holding a book

: *dst* blows nose also thinking blowing noses is what ladies do

: phantasm the book has a chip out of the top left side, and an inscription upon the book reads "Never Forgotten, So Never Really Gone"

Seigheart: *offers dst a handkerchief* You've made a mess all over yourself.

: phantasm upon the statue is a small wood carving of a man sitting on a bench playing a lute

: Sagewoman eyes water up as so she dabs at them with a clean tissue

: *dst* uses seig's cloths to wipe her nose instead of the hancky

Sagewoman: (lol)

Seigheart: curist -_-

phantasm: This memorial stands for Renavoid, let us always remember through it that it is we who change the world, should we chose to do so

Amoran K Kol smiles faintly at Phantasm.

: Seigheart is not wearing any clothes, but leggings and a loin cloth

*dst*: Amen!

: Amoran K Kol turns and walks back toward the Howling Gates.

phantasm: Thank you all again for coming, and Mur bless

Sagewoman: Was there a body to bury or is it still within the House? I missed everything.

*dst*: no body...unfortunatley...

phantasm: there is no burial, this is not a tombstone, it is a memorial to his life and works, not his death

Sephirah Caelum: but the memorial is on the place where he died

Sagewoman: Ah. So that is how it is.

Seigheart: Poponar

phantasm: for now, hopefully one day we will have a whole amass of memorials for all greats and not so greats that pass form this land

Seigheart: We shall see Renavoid within a few months again. So fear not!

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