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Hello everybody! :)

I'm completely new to roleplaying, and was wondering if more experienced members had any tips?
I've been formulating a character, as well as a story, in my head and was wondering when the best time to implement the character into MD would be? As in, should I wait until I'm more experienced, or should I go ahead and "become" the role? He's a fairly flawed character (keeping it interesting... I imagine all-powerful characters to become somewhat less entertaining..) and I was wondering whether I should run the idea/story past anyone before anything else?

Thanks all!
Have a nice day :D

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First go the MDA lands and pick up your papers: 1) Personal papers and 2) Hate page/list.

Second fill those up with back story, history, your story or whatever just not spoilers and anything that is forbidden.

Third and maybe not lastly find good friends that you can rp with or just chat with so that you can practice your RPing skills.

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[color="#0000ff"][i]Hi Raviir ( I really like that name :) )

Just a few tips on RPing.
1) Try to keep RL and MD as separate as possible. Sometimes the lines may blur which can create confusion. Try to also Keep RL issues out of game as much as possible. for example. if you and your brother are both playing MD - the players dont need to know about your sibling rivalary...ya digg? Try to create traits in your character that will help keep you and your character separate. e.g. Sharazhad (my character) is a vegan, while the RL me is not.

2) Always give players time to respond. Some players may have a slower internet connection that you, so while you may think that they are ignoring you and move on, they simply may not be able to see your message in chat.

3) Dont god-mod. that is, don't RP ridiculous stuff, like : *Slices up Sharazhad with 500 dragon knives and kills her*. Technically no body can die in game - unless they are killed during torch competition or Ivorak uses his knife to slay some one.

4) Your RP should be done in such a way that the player you are rping with can decide whether he/she wants to go along with it. for example: Dont say: * throws Sharazhad in the lake* rather, * Throws Sharazhad in a direction towards the lake*. That way I can respond if I want to fall in or not e.g. *Sharazhad falls in the lake* or *Sharazhad falls shortly before the lake*

Hope this helps somewhat :)

Oh and well done on including the flaws bit - I like that :)

Edited by Sharazhad
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