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[quote name='xrieg' timestamp='1300290989' post='80746']
Hello :-)
All depends on price - reference atm is Tipus two UPs of similar age and no tokens 1sc each

you did not ask to buy them, you mentioned merely that you were "looking for a few" priests.
PM sent, with details of one you may look at freely. :cool:

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[quote name='Master' timestamp='1300297412' post='80753']
Actually the title of the thread is WTB which stands for Willing to BUY ! :D

buy, bind... same letter. pesky Acronyms! :wacko:
I'll remember that now though. I read it initially as 'Want To Bind' ie: "looking to get some", since it describes in hte tutorial "binding the creatures" to ourselves. Good to know!

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Lol I am willing to buy :-) And yet if your priests fight each other rather than you opponent and you feel them pulling you to some crusaded every now and then - you may consider this thread to be a perfect place to make your gaming expecience less religion intensive at no charge :-P

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