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Trading for healers


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I offer the following creatures for trade, in hopes of getting a few Remains/Trees, or WaterBeings, or perhaps a Hollow Warrior.
Your choice. They don't need age or tokens, I am just collecting "healers" for a little experiment, and figure they might help others. Otherwise they'll be Sacrificed next week.

I will also accept coins or items/resources if you'd prefer. :cool:

[s][b]Elemental III[/b][/s] - Sold

[s][b]Heretic Archer II[/b][/s] - Traded

[s][b]BlockyWall Grasan II[/b][/s] - Sacrificed to the Fenth's cave.

[s][b]Dark Archer[/b][/s] - Sacrificed to the Fenth's cave.

[s][b]Tormented Soul[/b][/s]. - Gone!

[s]Angien Egg[/s] - SOLD!

I would be willing to offer Young newly bound Angien Eggs for the right price.
The aged one's gone though.

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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1300827681' post='81108']
I'll trade 2 aged trees for the angien egg if you haven't sold it already.. over a year of age.

Well, the Angien Egg went really fast... sorry, it's sold now.
Updated the listing on first post.

The other creatures, including my last [b]Tormented Soul[/b] are still up for grabs if anyone's interested.
(Xrieg, I'd be willing to do a one-creature trade with you, per your PM... I'll PM you in-game soon as I find you)

@Phear Wolf... um... I'm rather intrigued by your offer. Would you want to meet at the Fenth's Press to witness the deed yourself, or take my word if I do sacrifice something?

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[quote name='Phear the Wolf' timestamp='1300886928' post='81154']
nah, I'm way to busy and waaay to lazy to do all that... you can send me a ss with the before-after, or a video, or just tell me you did, whatever... also, they will be fresh, the remain and the water beeing, forgot to mention

Sacrificed, and screenshotted (open the biglog for the images below)

[log=Log Box Name][img]http://everthorn.net/musings/images/sacced_for_Phear.PNG[/img][/log]

/Weep :(

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