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Talking to yourself...

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Due to Mur's announcement about the most creative forum topic, i browsed my folder of fun stuff and found this one...

Regardless of any prices, i've kept this from your eyes far too long already!

This is the story of how i got my 2nd Pimped Grasan ever, Murry, ID:523743.

Prequel: I've been sitting around at Bob with Zlei (whom i, retrospectively, strongly suspect of having his godly hands in all of this <.<) when somebody ruined my suit, for some reason or other. I took on the clothing of my then only pimped grasan, and he was left there, hiding naked behind bob, while i went to wash my suit.
Somebody, i can't quite remember whom, has then thrown my poor grasan over the wall into Necrovion, and i followed his trace over the wall, down the road to the house of tainted times, through said house into the archives, and finally found my pimped grasan at the fountain of the lost path.

Anyways, this is what happened next...

[log='Talking to yourself...'][19/07/09 20:46] Burns:GRASAN!! i'm here... but...what the...
[19/07/09 20:47] :Burns looks at his naked Grasan, fighting with another Pimped Grasan
[19/07/09 20:47] Burns:NOO, stop it, Pimped!
[19/07/09 20:47] Burns:don't hurt the poor fellow, it can't hit you anyway!
[19/07/09 20:49] Burns: (Burns' Grasan looks at him, dimwitted, while the other Pimped Grasan desperately tries to hurt Burns' full grown Grasan)
[19/07/09 20:50] Burns:what's going on here? why are you fighting at all? and how did you get here?
[19/07/09 20:51] Burns: (the small Grasan suddenly sees Burns standing in the water and stops to swing his fists at Pimped)
[19/07/09 20:51] Burns: (he advances towards Burns, trying to hit him instead)
[19/07/09 20:52] Burns:NO, stop it....
[19/07/09 20:52] Burns: *ducks as the Grasan swings his fist at him, yelling* Stop that, right now!
[19/07/09 20:54] :Burns loses his balance and falls backwards into the water
[19/07/09 20:55] :Burns bumps his head on an old, small dagger, which he grabs to defnds himself, not even stopping to wonder who put it there
[19/07/09 20:56] Burns:(the Grasan advances on Burns again, lifting his fist to hit him as he's lying sprawled in the water*
[19/07/09 20:56] Burns:the Grasan advances on Burns again, lifting his fist to hit him as he's lying sprawled in the water)
[19/07/09 20:57] Burns: (nvm...)
[19/07/09 20:58] Burns: (the two inequal fighters look at each other, while Pimped stands offsides, not understanding what's going on)
[19/07/09 20:59] Burns:*gets to his feet, never losing eye-contact with his opponent, clutching the rusty Hunting Knife tightly in his hand)
[19/07/09 20:59] :Burns gets to his feet, never losing eye-contact with his opponent, clutching the rusty Hunting Knife tightly in his hand
[19/07/09 21:00] Burns:Stop it right now, Grasan, or i'll have to hurt you...
[19/07/09 21:00] :Burns his eyes seem to sparkle as he releases some heat, preparing for an fierce battle
[19/07/09 21:01] Burns: (the Grasan, overwhelmed by the magical aura of Burns, gets scared and lowers his fists a little, as if taking a defence-position)
[19/07/09 21:02] Burns:I don't want to hurt you, Grasan... we don't need to fight this battle...
[19/07/09 21:02] Burns:just tell me what happend...
[19/07/09 21:03] Burns: (the Grasan, naturally a vicious being, seems to understand that Burns doesn't want to hurt him)
[19/07/09 21:04] :Burns lowers his knife as he sees a flash of understanding in the Grasans eyes and advances to the creature
[19/07/09 21:04] Burns:Poor boy... you seem hurt...
[19/07/09 21:05] Burns:Pimped, did you do that? Shame on you...
[19/07/09 21:06] :Burns grabs the grasans fist, which twitches under his hands, but doesn't draw back
[19/07/09 21:06] Burns:oh boy... you were lucky, that doesn't seem to deep...
[19/07/09 21:06] Burns:you are still as strong as a normal grasan ^_^
[19/07/09 21:07] Burns:but... don't you usually have a poodle with you?
[19/07/09 21:08] Burns: (the Grasan roars in agony, showing Burns the chain where the poodle is normally tied to)
[19/07/09 21:08] Burns:what happend to your puppy, pal?
[19/07/09 21:09] Burns: (the Grasan points to Pimped, who hides his lolly behind his back)
[19/07/09 21:10] Burns:PIMPED! you didn't steal your fellows poodle, did you?
[19/07/09 21:10] :Burns walks towards his Grasan and looks behind his back, where the poodle is glued to the wet lolly
[19/07/09 21:11] Burns: *punches his Grasan playfully* thou shalt not steal, pal... don't you ever do that again, and now hand me the lolly...
[19/07/09 21:12] :Burns takes the lolly with the poodle on it to the Fountain, panting heavily under the weight
[19/07/09 21:12] Burns:i could do with some help, you two...
[19/07/09 21:13] :Burns heaves the lolly into the water together the Grasans, watching that the poodles head stays over water
[19/07/09 21:14] Burns:now hold him like that, boys... and don't let it fall, else the poor puppy will drown...
[19/07/09 21:14] :Burns jumps into the water and starts picking its hair out of the sticky surface of the lolly
[19/07/09 21:16] Burns: *frees the poodle and washes the sugar out of its fur in the fountain* there you go, boy...
[19/07/09 21:16] :Burns hands the puppy back to the Grasan and turns to leave as the Grasan roars again
[19/07/09 21:16] Burns:what now?
[19/07/09 21:17] Burns: (the Grasan points toward the poodle and his chain)
[19/07/09 21:17] Burns:oh right... clumsy creature *chuckles*
[19/07/09 21:18] Burns: *ties the chain to the puppys necklace, showing the knot to the Grasan* now off with you, my friend... enjoy your freedom while it lasts :))
[19/07/09 21:19] Burns: *goes around the fountain, talking to his Grasan* you'll get your clothes back really soon, pal... i promise...
[19/07/09 21:19] Burns:i'll even clean them for you ^_^
[19/07/09 21:19] Burns: (hears another Grasan's roar, right behind his back)
[19/07/09 21:20] :Burns jumps and turns to see the strange grasan right behind him, sticking out its tongue and bednign down to lick his face
[19/07/09 21:21] Burns:oh boy...
[19/07/09 21:21] Burns:you want to come with me?
[19/07/09 21:21] Burns: (the Grasan roars in approval)
[19/07/09 21:22] Burns:oh well.... i guess i could take you with me if you want to...
[19/07/09 21:22] Burns:but you have to promise to only fight when i tell you to, got that?
[19/07/09 21:23] Burns: (the Grasan roars again and licks Burns face)
[19/07/09 21:24] Burns:okay, okay... then we'll ahve to heal your wounds to start with... lots of people like to attack me, and you might get hurt.... we don't want that, do we?
[19/07/09 21:24] :Burns uses his natural creature-healing-powers to give some of his own VE to the little Pimped Grasan
[19/07/09 21:26] Burns: (the Grasan enjoys the flow of energy through his body and... he smiles? Grasans smile?)
[19/07/09 21:26] Burns:that's how i'm learning something new every day, right?... *washes his face in the fountain*
[19/07/09 21:27] Burns:please don't lick my face again, will you?
[19/07/09 21:27] Burns: (as sign of understanding, the Grasan licks Burns belly instead)
[19/07/09 21:28] :Burns chuckles that tickles, big baby... hugs his new Grasan
[19/07/09 21:29] Burns:just stick with your good friend, poodle-catcher-Pimped, he'll teach you a lot of things you will need to survive when you come along with me...
[19/07/09 21:30] Burns:my life is dangerous *smiles viciously, and leaves for ye ole hidden shop to replace his burninated clothes*
[19/07/09 21:30] Burns:you'll get your back, Pimped... i promise =D
[19/07/09 21:31] Burns: (in case you are still here, thanks for your attention and i hope you enjoyed frightening me to death with tossing me into Necro... you know what i mean ;) )
[19/07/09 22:03] .Ailith.:Sea
[19/07/09 22:03] Burns:thanks a lot ^^
[19/07/09 22:04] :[Spell] Sea[/log]

Anyways. Not recent, and probably you don't even find it funny, but i don't want to keep it in my secret stash any longer... That's how i care for creatures! Yeah, that's right! I heal the wounded, and give the drag-queens their poodles back!

Feel free to make fun of my and/or my grasans when you meet me. We're both loonies. :))

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