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WTB Anniverary Aramors

Kyphis the Bard

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Well, due to my extreme love of Aramours, I desperately want as many Anniversary Aramours as I can get, upto 5. Sooooo... I am willing to buy them.

My standard price will be 2 gold per Aramour, HOWEVER, if you have not transferred the awarded Aramour yet and send me the code, then I am willing to pay 4 gold (I have a total of 20 gold, and I can get 3 or four more easily).

Additionaly, if you can prove that the Aramour is one of the first 5 awarded, I may be willing to pay even more (subject to the prior condition, as well as how many of the original ones I already have).

Naturally I will be useing the CTC checker to verify how many times the Aramour has been transferred in the past.

Excluding them being of the original 5, these prices are not subject to change, even if Muratus hands out 200 of the little blighters this is the value these creatures have to me. EDIT: and so far we are at about 25, with the party only just started >.>

EDIT: I have my first two now, 3 to go.

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Much as I really want them myself, I think it fair to let you know that IAB is offering 4 gold per aramour. So if your motivation is profit, [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9538-wtb-anniverary-aramors/"]Here is his topic[/url]. If you would rather creatures, Shadowseeker is offering to trade for them if you offer Multiple Aramours and Silver, and [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9541-wtb-anniversary-aramors/"]Here is his topic[/url].

If on the other hand, you want to make me a very happy Ol' Bard, Your already at my topic ;)

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I have an anniversary aramor I am looking to trade for interesting creature(s) or item(s). If you want to make an offer, reply on my thread or send a pm.

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