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Team Bunny's Challenge to the Merry Devilers

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MD B-Day Festival Challenge of Team Bunny

[log=Introduction and instruction]

Team Bunny came up with one singular, oversized mega challenge, because we’re compensating for something that was huge to begin with.
Our challenge?

Team Bunny’s Awesome Murder Mystery!

Your instructions are simple, solve the murder of the victim. It occurred in a village (the new lands of the tribunal). There are a lot of things you can do, so here is a guideline:

- Initial evidence in crime scene
- Questioning of people in the house/around the crime scene

Make a list of suspects and ascertain the circumstances and find out about:
- Alibis
- Rumours
- Potential motive(s)

Create theories about the circumstances about the murder and investigate to;
- Check backgrounds
- Get more rumours/motivations/alibi’s to backup the theories that you made
- Find more evidence to backup the theories

- Provide a compelling case to find out who killed the victim!

To allow you to recognize who is actually part of our team or important in the challenge, we are trying to change our tags to have TB (Team Bunny) in front of them.
The other thing you should know is that your ability to work together and to adapt, are really important. Besides that, the last and most important thing you should know is that there are ‘Monitoring Characters’, who basically function as Dungeon Masters. We use these because there are no clickies, but also because it gives you greater roleplay freedom. For instance, if you wish to inspect the crime scene, then ask a monitoring character to accompany you to the crime scene and tell him/her that you wish to begin inspecting the crime scene. He/she will describe it for you and you will have total freedom in gathering evidence, or inspecting items, but beware, do something stupid and you will be punished, godmod and you will be disqualified, do something awesome and you will be rewarded.
And realize, that you can die.

However, only the person that died will be affected, not the whole team. The people who died or were disqualified may still observe, they just aren’t allowed to interact with TB people (who will just ignore them) or Monitoring Characters.

The character of Metal Bunny is at the house at the top of the last set of stairs in the new lands, where Mur was standing. Metal Bunny is the Chief Detective, and you are all grunts hungry for promotion. Metal Bunny is also a Monitoring Character. Metal Bunny can help you in two ways. Either as a Monitoring Character that allows you to interact with the environment, or as the Chief Detective, to ask for hints and tips, or just general questions. Beware however, if you ask for hints or tips that it doesn’t quite stick to the spirit of the game and that we will deduct points for that.

Now, go into town and solve the murder!

As a general note, the Chief Detective will answer all questions, but ask twice if he thinks the answer to that question is a tip or hint.
He naturally won't do that if you specifically ask for a tip or hint because you are stuck.


[log=Challenges for day 104 and 105]
The chief detective has the following to say:
"Given the information that esmaralda and xrieg (and others) have gotten so far, there seem to be three types of people.
The first are the servants who usually seem to know nothing, except for the special few who were closer to the victim.
The second are the people who are just wandering around, not employed by the mayor of the town and not necessarily connected to the
The third are the people who are connected to the victim and were at the dinner party and the last witnesses who saw her alive.

You have identified the following as the last group of people:

Mordred Nitratos, uncle of the victim, mayor of the town.
Sally, fiance of the mayor.
CrazyMike, the magician who entertained the party and close friend to the victim. He seems to have run away. Some speculate due to grief, others say that he fled, fearing justice.
Knozz, a mysterious merchant and close friend of the mayor.
Luanda, the narcissistic and deluded cheerleader, a close friend of the victim
Oetzi Von UngernSternberg, a half-ape and gardener, servant of the mayor, close friend of the victim
and lastly, Udgard. A strange, perhaps psychotic man, but a close friend of the mayor nontheless.

Your challenge for the next two days, is to find out all you can about these people. Their motives, their alibis, and whatever background information you can get.

One last thing however, I also want you to find out, all you can, about the victim. The circumstances she died under, what happened to her own family, such as parents and if she was doing something that made powerful enemies want to kill her. Search the crime scene, or any other place and try to find evidence."


So, it is basically 8 challenges for the next two days (though if you take longer, because CrazyMike is still MIA, then it's okay, no pressure :P). Also, if you take longer than that, then I don't really mind.
However, other challenges will pop up and if you still have to do this after two days, you may get into time issues.

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*Esmaralda enters the headquarters of the Merry Devilers, there the others have already joined her. It is a meeting to discuss any new findings about this current dreadful murder.*

*She aproaches the rest of the merry devilers and starts telling them the newest findings*

In speaking with the head detective, we now know that the name of the victim is Marind Nitratos, niece of Mordred Nitratos, Mayor of the village. The night of her 18th birthday she was having a dinner party for her birthday, when she suddenly fell ill. The people left the party not suspecting a thing. In the morning she was found dead. The head detective suspects found play here.

*Esmaralda takes a deep breah before continuing*

The body is currently at the morgue. Perhaps one of you should head that way and try to examine it. Does anyone of you know something about chemicals or poisons? I think we should try to identify the cause of her death.

*Esmaralda takes a seat, and waits for the response of her fellow Merry Devilers*

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*After a brief chat, Esmaralda, Nimrodel and lone wulf pup head over to the morgue to look over the body. Upon arival, they are instructed not to touch the body in any way, only to look*

*Upon examining the body, it was dressed in a fine gown, but it was dirty and she was barefoot.It was cold and looked lifeless. Her foot was callous free and it looked like she didn't walk a lot. Her face looked clear, but it had a bit of something strange at the corners of her mouth, it smelled a bit like vomit.*

*After examining the body, a conversation ensued with one of the servants there called Samon*

[log=Conversation with Samon]
Esmaralda: *turns towards Samon* Sir, were you here ther night the lady was feeling sick?
Esmaralda: *turns to Nimrodel* Hello there
samon: I was... out... working... for the master
Esmaralda: *nods* Do you know if anyone was here helping the lady through her sickness?
samon: I-i am sorry, I don't know who was here
: Fire Starter enters the room, carrying a platter with one bottle and a glass
Esmaralda: *smiles comfortingly towards Samon* Thank you Samon. How many other servants work here, do you know?
samon: there are many servants, I don't know how many exactly
Esmaralda: *smiles at Samon as she nods gently* Samon, you are being a great help and I apreciate it.
Esmaralda: Did you serve here for a long time?
samon: I have been working here for only a few months
Esmaralda: *nods at Samon* The lady looks to have been quite lovely when she was alive. I assume she was well liked amongst
the servants?
samon: *slightly smiles* yes, she was...
samon: *looks at the body* yesterday was her birthday
: Fire Starter retires at the far side of the room, near the front door
Esmaralda: *nods sadly* I heard. What a tragedy it is, to die on your 18th birthday, don't you think?
Esmaralda: Such a loss for this world it is..
samon: it's a real tragedys...
Esmaralda: Can you think of anyone that didn't like her? Perhaps someone she had a fight with that you heard of?
: Esmaralda takes a gentle step closer to samon as she continues to smile comfortingly towards him
Nimrodel: *looks at samon and smiles* Hello...
samon: *thinks* there where some rumors
samon: *turns to nimrodel and slightly bows* can I help you?
Nimrodel: *asks samon* Were you there around her during the party?
samon: I sadly was unable to be here
: Metal Bunny as Esmaralda steps away from the body, the door slowly begins to close
: Metal Bunny it seems the door has a mind of its own and closes with a quiet click
Esmaralda: Rumors you say? What rumors have you heard?
Metal Bunny there seem to be no handles or locks and the door is almost like a wall now
: Esmaralda glances towards the wall, taking a mental note of where the door was just a moment ago
samon: I'm not sure I can speak about them, and they are probably false
Esmaralda: You're probably right, but I would still love to hear what you've heard. Would you humor me please? I will not
forget this favor, I assure you.
samon: well...
samon: there is a rumor going on about Luanda Holiday
samon: *shakes his head* this probably won't help you anyway
Esmaralda: Oh, I'm sure it will. Any information is of much help.
samon: but it's said she is extremely jalous of her looks
Esmaralda: *nods at Samon* Was lady Luanda one of her close friends?
samon: I think they where pretty close friends
Esmaralda: You have been of great help Samon. *steps closer to samon, flashes a silver coin and drops it in his pocket*
samon: uhmm... t-thanks
Esmaralda: I think I've taken anough of your time, but I do hope we can stay friends
Esmaralda: If there's anything else that you can think of, do come find me. I ensure that my friends get treated quite well.
samon: wait
Esmaralda: *smiles at samon* yes?
samon: do you already know who were at the party?
samon: let's see... Lord Mordred Nitratus
samon: Luanda Holiday
samon: Crazy Mike
samon: uhmmm... Udgard was here
one wolf pup: How does someone with the name of Crazy Mike gets allow'd into a party?
samon: CrazyMike is a magician, he did some tricks at the party
Esmaralda: *nods to samon* Anyone else you can think of?
Esmaralda: Ahh, so CrazyMike was providing the entertainment?
samon: I'm not sure though, I think he also had some other relation to the family but I can't really remember
Esmaralda: *nods at samon* Was there anyone else at the party that you remember?
: lone wolf pup walks next to Esmaralda
samon: let's see who more were there...
samon: did I mention Knozz Marquez?
Esmaralda: No, you have not. Do you know who that is?
lone wolf pup: Urgent Question Samon!
lone wolf pup: Sorry to interrupt.
lone wolf pup: But may I know where the restroom is?
samon: to the left, in the back (although this place has no real restroom)
lone wolf pup: Thank you. *hands Esmaralda his notepad and a pencil* Can you take the names for me while I'm gone?
: lone wolf pup walks to the left and goes to the back
: Esmaralda smiles at pup then turns back towards samon
samon: *looks at Esmeralda* I'm sorry, but what was your question again?
Esmaralda: *smiles at samon* I was wondering if you knew who mister knozz marquez is?
samon: ah... mister Marquez is a merchant
samon: and a good friend of the master
Esmaralda: *nods* Oh and you mentioned Udgard was there as well? I have not heard of him either. What does he do?
samon: Udgard is a bit strange... he is some kind of docter I think
Esmaralda: Like a family doctor?
samon: I'm not sure, he rarly speaks to anyone but himself
Esmaralda: I assume he was a friend of the master?
samon: I think so, although I'm not really sure about him
samon: I'm afraid you'll have to ask someone else about him
Esmaralda: Thank you samon! So are these all the people that were present?
samon: there might be one or 2 more, but this were at least most of them
Esmaralda: Well, thank you very much Samon. You have been a great help.
: lone wolf pup Hands Esmaralda a note
samon: I'm glad I could help
Esmaralda: I have to be on my way not, but please do let me know if you can think of anything else. No matter how little.
Esmaralda: *takes another silver coin from her purse and hands it to Samon* For your trouble
samon: I will *slightly bows to Esmaralda*
samon: you don't have to pay me
samon: I want the killer to be caught just as much as you do
Esmaralda: Oh, please don't take this the wrong way. You have given much of your time to me. It is only fair that you should
get something in return.
samon: no, it's my fault this took so long
lone wolf pup: *waves at samon* May I ask you a few questions?
Esmaralda: *gives samon a gentle hug* We will catch her killer.
samon: thanks
Esmaralda: I shall be on my way now. I think lone pup may have some questions for you
: Esmaralda waves as she leaves out the door[/log]

People that were at the party:
- Lord Mordred Nitratus
- Luanda Holiday (rumor is she was extremely jalous of the victims looks)
- Crazy Mike (magician - provided some entertainment and has ties to the family)
- Udgard (some kind of doctor - loner, talks to himself)
- Knozz Marquez (merchant)

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Since Mur requested that we segment it into smaller parts, we changed our instructions. We will update and edit the first post whenever a new part of the quest is due.

Also, please use this topic to 'inform' the Chief Detective, when both the chat and PM are too small to inform him. (so.. for ginormous chunks of text

Or do you want me to make separate topics?

Edited by Metal Bunny
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