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TB (2nd) Challenge to the Merry Devilers

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I'll post a new topic to get more attention.

As chief detective, I have heard that there are some riddles posted on doors. I want you to find all of them (8 in total) and try to solve them.

If you are stuck solving them, then you can ask for 1 free hint per riddle, per day, starting tomorrow.

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7 puzzles found so far:
1 Sally Room door
2 Door in the woods of the roundabout
3 resonance room
4 fictionisthouse_2
5 Description of door of teatasting room (luanda)
6 _labwaitingroom_1
7 7_hotelreception_1

For puzzles with no good/ any solutions please give us free daily hint (how about the puzzle we did not find?)

[log=Puzzle solutions:]

1. a. vengeance [P and T are pride and trust. Good for all -The concept of 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'. there could be no vengeance if no one did wrong, and if no one was wronged. the more you go deeper with you vengeance, the more you ruin yourself with it (Mithrandil) b. hope. Two to play with me means If one hopes, its more of a dream/wish of his- but if more are there, then it turns into hope. (Shadowseeker)
2. book or knowledge (Nimrodel)
3. Justice, Belief, Selfjustice. Most likely belief in selfjustice- backfires easily, but does make you stronger. (Shadowseeker)
4.I believe we're talking about the sword/sheath balance here. (Shadowseeker)
5. Clock. You measure time, and time forces people to grow up and die. (Shadowseeker)
7. Just try to open the goddamn door (Shadowseeker) Time and force?

6:: below:

5 - 'If someone asked you whether left round in fork #N is safe, would you answer it is?'. Then road-report-answer would read:

truthful: safe - safe - safe
truthful: unsafe - unsafe - unsafe
liar: safe - unsafe - safe
liar: unsafe - safe - unsafe (xrieg)

7 - You need to waste the first question to find out if it's a liar. Something trivial like 'Do you live in a lamp?'. Then he can point 2 ways, and 7 genies take you through. (Burns)

BTW we ignored information about 35% 65% assuming it's about genies in stock (useless info). However, if we knew for sure that among 6 genies we got exactly 2 lie (33% - 'about 35%') and exactly 4 are truchful - if would suffice: each would get first question about the first fork and another two. From answers disctribution we would know which are truthful which are not - and would know good answers for all 13 forks with 6 genies. (xrieg)

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He forgot nr4
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1: I think Shadowseeker is looking at the wrong end of the emotional spectrum and that Mithrandil is closer. But one person hoping, is still hoping.. So it's not really hoping, it's something else.

2: I think you are very close, but that you need to specifically need to look at the riddle line with the word 'unlock' in it.

3: The riddle says that it only makes you stronger if you are capable of channelling it well, don't assume that you automatically do it. In structure, it looks like a lot like the riddle from sally's door. Perhaps, there is a link?

4: How is the balance curious? And how does it fight along with you? I think you need to look closer to yourself.

5: I think it's not clock, but time itself, because there are other ways to measure time, but time itself is measurement.

6: I think 7 is correct, it's the only way to be sure.

7: you guys didn't really give an answer to that one...

As for the last riddle.. I think none of you inspected the mayor's door, no? Even though he is the mayor, he is still a possible suspect!

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Just for the sake of arguing and spamming your thread a bit :P

I'd argue that time the way we perceive it is measurement, but the basic idea of time is something else- It's just that we with our failed senses cannot understand and grasp time like a normal dimension. (5)

Balance- curious about honor? It fights along with you, in fact it stays with you in every fight and adapts accordingly. And you can get pushed too unbalanced, or aim to get closer. (4)

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