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Challenge for Bunnies Nr 7

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Unlimited Number of participants per game, just one winner.

The rules are rather simple. The host creates a set of dices (1 to 6), 5 for each participant, and then sends out PMs to each participant with 5 'dices' for each.
In the end, you should give out all the dices created, obviously.

The participants then start to guess, based on the limited ammount of dices they see, what's on the whole 'table' (all dices together). The lowest bid is 'one 2', the highest bid '# of participants times 5 6es'. The 1 is an ace, and the number of 1s is added to whatever value is being counted. Once the first bid is given, the next contender has to either bid more (more of the same value, or a higher value), or call the previous bidder a liar.

For example, Bidder A bids 3 2s, then bidder B bids 4 2s, then bidder A goes up to 2 4s etc., until one thinks that the other has gone too far and calls him a liar. Then the host, as only person knowing all dices, adds up if there are that many of the called value, plus the aces. If there are, the bidder wins, if the bidder was over, the person who called him liar wins.

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