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TB 4th challenge to the Merry Devilers

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The Chief Detective here. Time is running out, as people are demanding answers and some suspects are behaving strangely.

You have found riddles on doors, and talking to the mayor of the town, it seems that those doors, as well as the buildings they are housed in, were made by him.
Apparently, he is a masterful engineer and made these places to be tiny strongholds, protected by traps and strong doors, that can only be unlocked by solving the riddles on them and writing it on the door.

I, the chief detective, have a stinking feeling that they are hiding something. I order you to break into the rooms! Either solve the riddles to unlock the door, or find a way to break in from the outside, but beware of traps if you're not solving riddles, or if you write down the wrong answer.

I am trying to solve the riddles as well, so I can give you some help, but they take time, as I am not the brightest thinker. (a hint per riddle, per day)

Perhaps there is some valuable evidence in those rooms.

Besides that, it would be a good idea to investigate the kitchen and servants quarter.

So the challenge is.. investigate and get evidence.. break in if you have to.
Beware however, if you steal things (so you don't copy things), or if servants catch you, then surely, you will anger some people and receive some punishment.

please change 4thd into 4th ¬_¬...

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