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Draw your aramor!


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Best colorings-


The candle wasn't bad and earns, but I think the first entry, the psychedelic one was best. Nevertheless, you entered enough high quality colorings to get awarded this.

Best drawings-

This is very very hard indeed. I've seen some good ones, but in the end I decided to award dragonrider for his evolutionary aramor!

Most funny

Most funny- well, it seemed to me to be either Rex or duxie. duxies, however funny it may be, is not an aramor, but a mere imitation of it- thus Rex wins. (Pick one you laugh most about to know which won)

xrieg as well, I think you can see why. (I used one of the spares)

2 extras- Now, who should get the last, indeed? I won't double award someone. There's a few noteworthy entries, and I keep pondering who gets what.

But, I am obviously so very corrupt, that I want it for myself :D.

P.S. You may now attempt to bribe me- I accept coins, creatures and credits.

P.S.S. Judging is over if you haven't realized.

I do award a WP to Ravenstrider for his entries though.

And silver, oh yes:

If any of the winners does not wish to claim his anniversary aramors, they may claim some gold from me in exchange for the CTCs (unused if possible)- 4 maybe? (I have doubt that this shall happen)

samon, Eon, Pomegranate, duxie- 10silver each, if you come to claim it. I'll be at the MDP, but if you can't get it yourself you may name someone else who gets to keep it for you via a PM.

Claim it soon enough though, please.

I have attached my own aramor now, although it is nothing too special compared to some of those entered. Too much red, I know :)

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