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Avatar Quest

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I recently took a look at the avatars that I have stored in my vault, and I currently hold two avatars that need a home. I would prefer if someone wore them who had a 'similar' or 'matching' role to what is displayed in the artwork.

The avatars are as follows:
1. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/fairydance.jpg[/IMG]

[b]Description:[/b] A simple fairy with segmented wings flying while summoning a sort of energy to her right hand. This is an avatar that I drew and uploaded.

2. [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v681/JadeShade/harlequin.jpg[/IMG]

[b][size="4"]Harlequin has been granted to Kiley for her role.[/size][/b]

What I want each of you who might be interested in these two avatars to do is to post a brief description of your role, tell me why you think you deserve this avatar, and tell me how it inspires the character or role you play.

The Quest ends when I feel I have found two new homes for the avatars. :)

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From Kiley, who may not have a forum account:

"Dear Amoran,
Upon entering this realm I was plagued with a reoccuring dream. I wake on the golden beaches of Golemus, the sun shining down on my body. As I lay on my stomach I close my eyes, tranquility filling my mind...It is then that the beast emerges from the water. Slowly I turn my head, his very essense permeating my being as he comes to me. I know he is trying to speak to me..not with words, but in my mind. I can not understand and become distressed as I feel the urgency behind his need.

I awaken with him in my mind every morning and have spent many days searching for the meaning or the actual man that comes to me, demanding me to remove my mask. I have found what it is that I have searched for Amoran and am now forever changed. The mask I've hidden behind is slowly being removed, allowing me to embrace the heart that has been hidden for too long.

As you can see from Kiley's dream and the ensuing journey the avi is more than a perfect fit for my evolving charecter. I do not know what dear Kiley's future holds, but am confident that not only will she surprise me but all of MD."

[b][size="4"]Edit: Avatar has been granted to Kiley for her role.[/size][/b]

Edited by Amoran Kalamanira Kol
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