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[Necrovion] Man of Scarves.

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My name is Pothos, a wanderer through the lands, though I have places that I can oft be found at.
My homeland is Necrovion, be warned of that, and so be wary if you choose. It's realy unimportant.

What is important is why I am so named, the man of scarves.
That i my role, my calling, who I am, and what I do. As I wander I find people who I so deem worthy, or who have heard of me and ask, for one of my Pocketed Scarves.

Quality is assured, they can last through most anything, almost every outfit can be made greater by the addition of a proper scarf, and to top it all, they do indeed have pockets for small items. Scrolls, inkwells, Coinage for those who worry of losing their money.

I hold no false sense of superiority due to my role, Be they king, innkeeper, man, woman, child, or even a tree. Each shall be treated as as my equal, or as my superior.

You will know me by the Scarf about my neck, Either dark blue, long and plain, or made from chainmail. Besides that, I have blue eyes, I am tall, but not overly so, of slim body: slim, flexable, long fingered but stronger than I look, and I wear my hair in a long braid starting at the base of my skull, and reaching down to my waist.

The most notable thing I hold, is a Green back made of muslin, held closed by both a leather drawstr8ing, but also a flap over that, secured with wood buttons.
Attempts to steal anything from it, or even to cut it open, steal the bag, and such, are pointless. To anyone but myself, the bag is empty, even though it apears full at all times.

This is all I have to tell. May you who read it and know my scarves smile and stroke yours, and may those of you who have not known my scarves, seek me out, so that you too may know them.

Edited by Pothos
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