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Pepper experiment

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Pepper experiment

Long ago I had patience problems. While this is not that bad in most situations it can raise some very unpleasant ones sometimes, plus I need a high threshold of patience in what I do. Repeating the old litany “god give me patience” didn’t seem to work. Then in one evening during a chat with Chewett I had an idea.(I bet you don’t remember chew, was more then an year ago:P)
Plant life hides a lot of secrets and can teach us many a good lesson. One of this is how to have more patience. So I told myself why should I not ask a seed. Well, it worked.

The experiment is simple but takes time to finish it and that’s the main goal.
All you need are a few pepper seeds. I chose pepper because its one of the most simple plants to grow from seed to seed, and this is what needs to be done, plant the seed and grow it from seed to seed. You MUST get seeds from second generation from the first seed you planted. This will make you take care of the small plant till it makes the peppers so you can gather the second generation seeds from one of them.
The experiment works, worked for me and others, but I still find it boring from time to time so I decided to improve it, make it a lot more fun while keeping the main lessons and adding others.

From the moment you gain the seed start “conversing” with it, make a journal of sorts for the seed and future plant. In there write what the seed is telling you, just what the seed is telling you not what you tell to the seed. A good exercise to develop your imagination even if you write down a lesson the seed might tell you or a casual chat between "future friends".
Also take a picture of the seed and put it under the lesson/discussion you wrote down. Repeat this for every important stage of you pepper’s life, so the moment you plant it, when the seed is in the ground, the moment it sprouts, when It grows a bit higher, the first flowers, the first fruits and then the new seeds. You can add any other moment you consider its important for you or the plant. Write down the lesson/discussion for this moments and also take a picture and put it under the text.

In the end you will have a very nice journal and album with the seeds life and evolution.
This can help you in a lot of more ways then just developing you imagination and patience threshold. But the full extent of the lessons it will hold only you, the one doing this can now.

What you need is a flower pot, a few seeds(2-3) and some earth. Its cheap and easy to get. Also don’t forget the take the plant out when you see signs of flowers so the pollination can take place or you can do this manually(strange but it works :P)

All other instructions if you may need you have to find them on your own, so ask anyone, google it or whatever.

After the experiment is finished feel free to publish your journal/album of the seed here so we can admire it, it will be nice.

This is NOT A QUEST and there are no other rewards other then what you may learn on your own.

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I like the idea of having a whole family from one original pepper...
Like I keep maintaining my Pepper 'bloodline' ( :D ), and eventually, if someone of my relatives become a farmer, I give them those seeds to make a pepper farm!

First Pepper farm with cultural/historical background! :D

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