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3 Word Story! Quite random :) But so beautiful *teary eyes*


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[b]ROUND ONE[/b]

This was all on the spot :P

So I decided to give away most of my prized creatures :P Besides my favorites..

Round one was with AmberRune, Xrieg, and Lone Wolf all RPing adiomino the puppy (who is no longer a puppy)

AmberRune (Aged Rustgold drach)
Lone Wolf (Aged Soulweaver)
Xrieg (sorta aged Santa)

[b]ROUND TWO[/b]

Three word story.. self explanatory :P They all made it together! :)

Once upon a time, Zippo the amazing con artist decided to change his old shoes. So he asked
the nearest girl in a pink diver's suit for a yellow sandal made of the glass beads from her
dad's shop, picking her wallet and returning it empty. He offered the change that was to be
donated to the poor guy without boots she had met on the corner of Wakamali Street. Zippo
looked at his own wallet, and he noticed it was filled with recent stolen coins only; notes
were not present. He realized that this now meant he would have been second best in financial
terms. The girl smirked. She asked if he was her customer or trainee, but he stayed with a
blank stare in the hope that she would buy his old used shoes once he got to the register.
Suddenly a rabid cat ate Zippo. The end, thanks.

Love it :P

And here are the rankings with prizes : They all took what they could hold in their slots :P

1 Udgard (sharptear)

2 Apo (greater aged imp, daimon)

3 Amber (aged skill vampire, double max archer, pimp, pimp)

4 Xrieg (first winderwild, third winderwild, pimp, joker)

5 Lone Wolf (second winderwild, lesser aged imp)

And here is the prize pool! Winners please take prizes one at a time in the order of ranking.

[s]Sharptear (201 age)[/s]
[s]Double max pimpy[/s]
[s]Double max pimpy[/s]
[s]Double max pimpy[/s]
[s]Double max imp[/s]
[s]Double max imp[/s]
[s]Aged Skill vampire[/s]
[s]Double max lorerootian archer[/s]
[s]Double max winderwild (kelletha fire, claw III, Gold belt)[/s]
[s]Double max winderwild (stardust, BD II, claw III)[/s]
[s]Double max winderwild (gold belt, stardust, BD I, BD II)[/s]
[s]Maxed out joker (246 age)[/s]
[s]Water Daimon ( 281 age)[/s]

And that's it!

Edited by adiomino
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