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This is an auction, and it will last for an indefinite period of time. I'm looking for coins or possibly credits. I reserve the right to keep the creatures if prices are unsatisfactory.

Pimped Grasan
Age: 50
Stored heat: 620000
Tokens: stardust, darkshield, onyxfangs, claw 3, sunshine.

Chaos Archer
Age: 93
stored heat: 346k
Tokens: antifreeze, stardust, onyxfangs, blacktear, claw 3, claw 1, emeraldglare, enlightening, darkshield, darksky, goldbelt.

GG Drachorn
Age: 24
Stored Heat: negligible
Tokens: claw 3, claw 1, stardust, antifreeze, emeraldglare, onyxfangs, darkshield, darksky, blacktear, claw 2, goldbelt.

2 x Sharptears
#1 has 20 age
#2 has 2 age

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Okay, the auction is closed. Anyone who bid and won please contact me as soon as possible and we can make the trade. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the following are the highest bidders:

Rhaegar: 15 gold 5 silver for the GG drachorn
Clock Master: 25 silver for the tokened chaos archer
Rumi: 10 silver for the younger sharptear
Great Guba: 8 silver for the oldest sharptear.
Manda: 4 silver for the tokened pimp.

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