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Plant Guild Design Quest


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I am in need of aspiring designers! The community garden is moving forward and we need to develop plant guilds.

Anyone interested in participating should look at [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/9588-community-garden-plant-list/page__gopid__87069#entry87069"]Community Garden Plant List[/url] as well as the other threads in the Community Garden Forum to learn about plant guilds and how to design them.

[b]All entries should be posted on the plant list page.[/b]

Entries should include the following information:

Plants in guild
Desired forms of plants (ie: which plants are canopy, how vines are trained, layer density, pruning, etc.)
Explanation of functional relationships
List of yields
List of needs
Relation of guild to the realm

There may be other required information. Check back for updates.

The best contribution will receive a wishpoint.

Additional submission rewards include 5 silver coins, a pimped grasan, and an elemental, 2 heretic archers, and unholy priest. Sponsors include Phantom Orchid, Etluhcs Teragram, and Falronn.

This quest is ongoing during this phase of the design. After day 210, the review process will begin for work already submitted.

When this part of the design is complete, there will be other design quests, so everyone has a chance to get involved :)

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This quest has been additionally sponsored with a heretic archer, an elemental, and an unholy priest, all fully aged.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Plants in guild : Evil BOB, A carnivorous tree


Desired forms of plants: It forms the Canopy of the Garden

Explanation of functional relationships :-

Story line : Evil BOB is actually a hidden Twin brother of Z's Bob. He is his reverse but the sign is negative for Evil bob. So he grows as a innocent harmless plant in the Meeting of the Roads. Only to find out that he isn't a normal plant but a deadly vicious Carnivorous tree muhaha.

It Eats: It only Attacks innocent girls using his powerful poison Arms and tentacles.


Then sucks their Blood Killing them slowing.


So how does it Lures Girls near him : This is the Uniqueness of this amazing tree. Unlike other Man-eating trees It does not use perfume, Colors or candy, but what it does is, it folds his leaves to form a statue of TIPU.


Wondering why only Tipu, well answer is simple he is the smartest, Awesome and handsome guy in the realm. Who else can Attract more girls/ladies. Ho yeah he is a smarter than his counterpart brother Z's Bob hehe.

List of yields : Ur Slow and Painful Death. It does not Kill Guys but If u challenge it then Death will be ur fate hehe.


List of needs : Innocent Gorgeous girls.

Relation of guild to the realm : Evil Bob & Bob r twin brothers. Ever matter should have an anti-matter.

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This is my design for the pond so, first off , let’s talk about what a good pond needs.

- Aquatic plants for the following reasons:
1. Supplemental filtration - plants absorb ammonium, nitrates and phosphates.
2. Plants also assimilate other undesirable substances, such as metals, from pond water to improve water quality.
3. Supply food and shelter for fish and other organisms.
4. Compete with algae through the intake of essential nutrients, while shading the pond from light.
5. Helps keep a biological balance.
6. Helps prevent water from overheating.

- Some sort of shore plants. I personally would suggest a shade tree as well as some low-key ground plants for nitrogen recycling and weed competition.

- Organisms that inhabit the pond. A relatively small ecosystem, moving from “first tier” species such as plankton and algae, to “second tier” herbivorous fish. I believe that the pond would be too small to introduce carnivorous fish. However, even with a seemingly small introduced ecosystem, nature should flesh it out as varying forms of invertebrate and vertebrate come to inhabit the area.

So, without further ado, here's my Pond plan. (I've attached images of the plants in the order that I speak of them)

[b]Plants in Guild (Plus a note on Fish)[/b]
- Hardy Lilies: Hardly Lilies are wonderful choices for MD because they both 1) Adore sunlight and heat and 2) Can survive fairly cold and long winters. From this category I would choose Texas Dawns and Pink Grapefruit lilies (mostly because they both bloom quickly and smell nice =).
[attachment=3062:texas_dawn.JPG] [attachment=3063:pink_grapefruit.JPG]

- Floating Plants: Water Hyacinth is one of the most recognizable pond plants and I believe that it would be right at home in our pond.

- Oxygenating Plant: Anacharis is a quick spreading (sometimes dangerously so) submerged plant that helps keep the pond healthy by recycling nitrogen to use as fertilizer while it’s fern-like leaves transpire oxygen. It attracts all sorts of aquatic life, including fish and turtles.

- Marginal Plants: Cardinal Flowers are absolutely gorgeous bright red marginal plants. They like to be planted on the edges of ponds, keeping it’s “feet” wet and it’s head high and dry. Beyond their aesthetic beauty, Cardinal Flowers benefit the pond by keeping algae at bay. As a color contrast I would also add Black Magic Taro and Pickeral Rush, both of which are easy to grow and are great natural filters.
[attachment=3066:cardinal_flower_2.jpg] [attachment=3067:\'Black Magic.jpg] [attachment=3068:Pickerel Rush.jpg]

- Cattails: All ponds need Cattails. Enough said.

- A Willow: I would suggest planting a Willow (preferably Weeping) on the opposite shore of where the Cattails would be concentrated. Willows are great for shade and to sleep under =)

- Fish: I’m not exactly 100% sure that we have fish in the Realm, but we have a statue of one, so they much be around somewhere, yeah? Fish (and other aquatic life forms) are a needed addition to almost any pond. A pond with no fish is like a circus with no clowns. It’s still a pond, but the experience isn’t quite the same.

[b]Desired forms of Plants[/b]
Most pond plants just sort of do whatever they want. It’s hard to really control what they do besides stopping them from spreading like mad fiends.
1) Keep the oxygenating plants far away from the Lilies
2) Lilies in the middle? Meaning that the oxygenating plants would have to be closer to the edges .
3) Cattails opposite the Willow
4) Marginal plants in small clumps instead of all the way around the entire pond. Too many marginal plants just looks gaudy, and we need room for the oxygenating plants.
5) No marginal plants in front of the water flow into the pond.

[b]Explanation of functional Relationships[/b]
Their relationships can be summarized as thus: Oxygenating plants reduce nitrogen in the water and create oxygen for the fish which need the shade from the Lilies, Willow, and floating plants. The floating plants cut down on algae spread and keep the pond mostly clean which is further helped by the marginal plants filtration. One big happy micro-ecosystem.

[b]List of Yields[/b]
1) There’s the obvious yields from the fish: Food, oil, scales, bones… etc.
2) Willow bark contains salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient in Aspirin if my memory serves. Boiling the bark to create a tea would create pain medicine.
3) It smells nice, and, lets face it… who doesn’t love ponds?

[b]List of Needs/Dangers[/b]
Many of the pond plants that I have picked out are incredibly invasive. It will take a constant watchful eye in order to keep the pond in check and looking nice. Other than that, many of the plants I have chosen don’t require much more than planting them. Supporting the Willow’s growth in it’s early stages would perhaps be the most time consuming thing.

[b]Relation of guild to the Realm[/b]
1) I was thinking that the Willow could come from a cutting/the pollen of The Willow located on Willow’s walk.
2)The Cattails could be transplanted from Raven’s Peace in Loreroot.
3) I would suggest placing rocks around the edge of the pond from the beaches in Golemus.
4) Coat the bottom of the pond with sand from Necrovion. I hear that there’s sand there.
Ideally, all four main lands would be represented in the pond, but Necrovion and Golemus are a bit of a stretch.

So yeah, that's about it! I've never tried planning any gardening endeavor before, but this was fun. Thank you Rumi!

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The outer border of the herb garden is set with a circle of memory stones inscribed with runes(advanced magic), and interspersed with plantings of red flowers (geraniums, nasturtiums, etc.) for protection against outside influences.

The inside border is a mound of Lorerootian soil with herbs planted in a spiral and inlaid with crystals (for energy).

And at the peak of the spiral is an alter to the Goddess of the Moon.

The following are planted in lower, most frequently harvested/highest yielding, portion of the herb spiral:

  • Angelica - Enchantments and potions
  • Thyme - Used in ritual to produce trance/illusion.
  • Rosemary - Memory, sleep air, intellect, purification, love, power, healing
  • Sage - Fertility, vitality, wisdom
  • Vervain/Verbena - For love potions. It shall be dug only with a gold coin or a stag's horn
  • Catnip - Maintaining healthy relationships and setting boundaries
  • Basil - Carried to attract coins; gives one courage
  • Mint - Vitality, luck, briskness
  • Yarrow - Used for a wound poultice with plantain leaves
  • Dill - Culinary spice. Medicine for colic
  • Cumin - Used for love potions
  • Feverfew - Used for relieving head aches
  • Parsley - Culinary herb. Parsley seed goes 9 times to the Underworld and back before it comes up, which is why germination is less than one hundred percent

For protection from spells: dill, garlic, leek clovers, mugwort
For ritual cleansing and purification: Mugwort, Nettle, Plantain, Fennel, Chamomile, Water cress

The middle layer is made up of potentially toxic flowers and herbs, suitably used for advanced magic:

  • Henbane - Love potion; poisonous plant - use with caution. A close relative of Thorn Apple and nightshade, henbane is used in the preparation of flying ointments.
  • Rue - Protection, health, clarity of thinking, performing rituals, mindfulness
  • Hemlock - Dig under moonlight. deadly poison. Fool's Parsley
  • Monkshood - Beautiful purple flower spikes. Used with belladonna to make a flying ointment, and in combination with water parsnip, cinquefoil, and deadly nightshade to make an ointment of the imagination. Used to contact the dead (and others in the Underworld)
  • Mandrake - The twisted, elaborate roots look like a human, and the plant screams when pulled out of the ground (it shall always be harvested with a special scythe. Used for astral projection
  • Opium Poppy - Sleep / dream magick
  • Deadly Nightshade / Belladona - It has purple/red flowers and poisonous berries. Used to dilate pupils for beauty and seduction
  • Thorn Apple / Jimson Weed - This plant has hallucinogenic effects. The juice from these fruits is used to make a deadly poison
  • Morning Glory - Wrapped around a person 9 times to bind a spell. Strongest under a full moon

The top layer is made of up flowers and herbs used in advanced ritual practice and best suited for moonlight*; evening primrose, moonflower, and white rose.
* The planting, care, and use of these plants is strictly guarded by the clergy of the Children of the Eclipse.

Harvesting yields: It is best to collect an odd number of sprigs from each plant, (ie. 3 for few branches sprigs, 7 for many branching ones. When roots are harvested, permission must be requested, and offerings shall be made, to each plant taken.

Processing needs: Pruning knife, scythe (advanced harvesting), digging stick or antler to harvest roots. Fiber may be used for to tie bundles of herbs for drying purposes (preferably in the shade under a tree with maximum ventilation). Soapstone mortar and pestle to grind herbs.

To brew potions: Three kinds of wood and the proper amount of heat shall be used to boil the water in the cauldron. Other materials may be required depending on what is being concocted.

Also, periodic soil amending will be necessary, requiring the import of fertile Lorerootian soil once every year. Alternatively, or additionally, composted material may be used for soil enrichment, and soil from various lands may be used to influence the energetics of certain plants.

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I am removing the deadline for initial submissions for this quest. As of today (Day 210), I will begin the second phase of discussing submissions with their creators, and working toward furthering the design process. This will be a public process, and everybody involved with the garden is encouraged to participate. Quality submissions continue to be eligible for a wishpoint.

[b]All submissions must be submitted in the plant list thread[/b]


[b]If you have made a submission in the quest thread and not the plant list thread, please add it there now.[/b]

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  • 2 months later...

After an additional 2 months of this quest being open, the time has come to close it out. For a number of reasons, I have not recently made time to work on the garden development, and I apologize to all those who made quest submissions. I have not forgotten about you.

Without question, the clear winner here is Brulant, whose excellent design submission is absolutely a model for how to design a garden as far as I'm concerned.

He wins a wishpoint for this work. Any veterans who have seen his submission and want to give a suggestion as to the kind of WP score this merits, please send me a personal message. I won't base the score on your suggestions, but I will certainly take them into account.

Everyone who offered creatures as quest rewards, I thank you and you may do with the creatures as you wish. They will not be given as rewards for this quest. If you wish to offer them again, contact me at the time of the next quest. The 5 sc (now 10 sc) in the community garden treasury remain and will likely be used for the purchase of construction materials and will also not be given as rewards for this quest.

There will be another design quest coming soon, in which citizens of each of the lands will have specific areas to work on. As you all may have guessed (and some of you already know) each part of the garden is associated with a different land. More on that soon :)

Thanks everyone for your submissions and support. Keep it coming... And don't forget to water Evil Bob. He gets thirsty just like the rest of us.

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Grats to the winner! Excellent work that I am taking as a model to present the Grape Arbor guild that was discussed previously.

Rumi I have not stopped it, and hopefully will be able to add it to this thread in a few... ehem... time! :)

Brulant I might contact you on the matterfor a little help of some sort in the writing ;)

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