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Not many are aware, but I am a member of the Crafters. However, I do have my limitations as a Crafter, that is, I mainly craft items of divination with non-human made raw materials. Perhaps my skills will grow in Time, perhaps not.

[i]Background[/i]: Before I came into this realm I was a Druid trained in the arts of divination. As a people, we were of the woods; naturalists, healers, protectors and defenders of the wild.

The priesthood of the Druids have a rich history in practices of divination. Scrying, using images seen in crystals or other mediums such as bodies of water, is used to make meanings clairvoyant from what otherwise appears to be cloudy, unreachable planes of existence. Due to its transparent nature, a gemstone called beryl is often used for divination. This gemstone in particular has the ability to cut through either external, environmental noise, or internal noise contained within a frazzled mind. Information obtained from these readings may then be used to make decisions concerning those affected.

I have listed some examples of my abilities as a Crafter to give you an idea:

[b]Crystal Ball[/b], 6 inches in diameter

[b]Dream journal[/b] - Made from Oak leaves bound by winderwild hair.

[b]Divining Rods[/b], hand-crafted of durable copper (if there are metals to be had in this realm - otherwise, maple or cherry wood may be used) and rubbed with Lavender oil.

[b]Broom[/b] - Oak handle with native straw grass

The simplest use of the broom is to use it to sweep and purify a sacred space before performing a ritual. More advanced magic involves its use for protection, fertility and prosperity. (teleportation?)

[b]Oak Wand[/b]

As above, so below. The mighty Oak, a symbol of strength and protection, is the keeper of knowledge. Teaching both persistence and endurance, its roots extend to the underworld; its branches touch the cerulean sky.

[i]Runes (3 of 13)[/i]

13 stones, each representing one of the 8 Sabbats

[b]Crescent Moon Stone[/b]
Sabbat is Samhain
Gender is female
Meaning is Femininity. The flow of the tides, both internal and oceanic. Knowledge and wisdom, psychic awareness.

[b]Snake Stone[/b]
Sabbat is Spring
Simple answer is "no"
Gender is Male
Move away from your present environment. A journey, or possibly just change.

[b]Nature (leaf) Stone[/b]
Sabbat is Summer
Gender is male
The blossoming of something new, possibly a friendship. Indicates happiness and the natural flow of nature.

[b]Elemental Stones[/b] (3 of 5)
Elemental stones are an expansion of five further stones to add to a set of divination stones.

[b]Earth Stone[/b]
Triangle pointing downwards. Top side has another parallel line inside triangle.
Security and fertility.

[b]Air Stone[/b]
Triangle pointing upwards.
Base has another parallel line inside triangle.
The intellect. It stands for intelligence, strength of will and organizational skills. Mental energy and bravery.

[b]Spirit Stone[/b]
Double triangle joined at the base
Ether, spirit / soul. All things have a common element; all things are connected.

[b]Moon Stones[/b]: Used for divination by Children of the Eclipse clergy. 4 white and 4 black moonstones.

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