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[No Man's Land] Veritas - The Seeker of Truth

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[i][left]Veritas, as he calls himself now, was a normal guy living in a normal life in a normal world with nothing out of normal. To put things simply, he was completely normal. Well... He [b]WAS[/b] normal... But one day he was using the internet and found a strange site that, in fact, was about a strange game, that (you can think this is nonsense if you want it, I, myself, don't believe that, but it's the truth, I swear.) sucked him into a new and strange world. He forgot about everything he once was, all his normality and even his real name... Because he vowed to seek the truth about everything, he adopted a new name, from now on, he would be called Veritas, because in latin, veritas means truth, for those who don't know...

The first place he remembers is The Paper Cabin, that in fact, was the place where he was, when he woke up, as mentioned in some strange magic scroll...

There are lots of things that Veritas doesn't know about this new world and even about himself, he then, became a wanderer, who fights for those in need, a wanderer that's always seeking his truth...

He's a young man, with long black hair, a serene and sometimes fierce look on his face. Always wearing a white shirt and black pants, while using simple black shoes. He fights using his bare fists and feet, using martial arts to do so. Which, he is very good at, for reasons he doesn't know. In addition... He has some more misterious powers... That he yet has to discover, but little by little, he will...[/left][/i]

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