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So... Considering there is more of you than there is me, I decided to make a forum topic about this. Especially since the newer guilds seem to be gaining more people, and.. well. It's hard to keep up.


Mur would like ALL guilds and their land Kings/Queens from hence forth to keep a private list of all GUILD items [not personal] with their IDs. This means, items like water buckets, axes, stone detecting devices, heat jars, etc.

What I need from you guys, is to make a list. I need this from EVERY guild member. Unless the guild leader already has a list of who has what, then please, send it to me. But anywho. The list needs to have item ID, who currently has it, and guild name. That's it. Oh, and how many of said item you have, but that kind of just goes with the individual ID of the item, so never mind that.

So the format should be like this:
Item name
Item ID
Who currently owns the item

Every time you have a new member who has a new item, please PM the list to me. Do not Post anything on here, please.

For those who I have already spoken to about this, disregard it. This is mandatory, and if I find that someone has not sent me the list, I will poke and prod you and well. You and I will both be irked by the end of it. Let's just say that.

Thank you for your compliance.

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[quote name='Necromancer Mortis' timestamp='1311210697' post='88434']
That will be difficult as three of our guild items are stuck on players who have quit.

If those guild members have actually quit, then the only thing that can be done is send the members's names to Mur and have him remove the items from them and hand it to those active or keep them for himself.

I am sure these people won't mind and they could always have the items back should they ever play again.

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