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New Policy on Item Creation


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With the new wave of wishpoints coming to the realm and the various discussions that has happened regarding possible alt abuse, the Crafters has decided to take the following stance with regards of the use of alts on creating items.

[b]1. Using Alts to create items for the Main account/gifting other people:[/b]
Making items for the main account or gifting other people will be treated the same because it both involves transferring items to another account. Item requests using alts to create items for the main account or gifting other players will only be accepted for wishpoints gained from [b][u]other means[/u][/b] than the active days achievement and the broken pattern gazeebo (meaning: wishpoints that was actually earned by the alt account, not just by logging in or repeating something that they had done with their main).
The player that requests the item is required to state in the request if the item is meant to be given to another account. The player alone is liable for any consequences that might arise from failure to do so. Please send a screenshot of your wishpoint details when requesting items that will be gifted to another account.

[u]By requesting items from the Crafters, the player asserts that s/he does/will not violate this point and agrees that any violation can be brought to court by any member of the player base concerned with the issue. This will not result in official bans immediately, but may serve as proof of a breach of agreement/intent of abuse in case of a trial. [/u]

Note: wishpoints from Broken Pattern Gazeebo or Active Days achievement is still accepted normally for self-use item requests or for purposes below.

[b]2. Using Alts to create items for a quest reward:[/b]
Item requests using alts to create items to be used as rewards for a contest will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contest rewards will be mostly limited to the form of trophies/plaques, though specific quest-related objects could be accepted depending on the case. Quest quality and magnitude will be a big part of the decision on the request.
Items created using the main account (the contest organizer's account) is not subject to these requirements (will be treated like a regular item creation request).

[b]3. Using Alts to create items for guild inventory:[/b]
The Crafters will accept the usage of ONE alt that is specifically designated for a guild role (for example; the Woodcutter's Bank) to be used to request guild specific items, under these specific conditions:
- The item should be bound to the guild, and not to any of the guild members itself. By requesting a guild item via this method the guild agrees to give their king (or the Crafters, in case of a non-mainland based guild) the right to recall the items should the item owners become inactive or leave the guild.
- The designation of the alt should be agreed with the king of their respective land beforehand. When creating an item, it remembers who the item is created for, therefore we ask that the alt's name be representative of the guild (one of the member's random named alt will not be accepted).

As a reference, below is Mur's current policy:[spoiler][quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1312763289' post='89782']
Item creating using alts is allowed, but the crafters (or anyone able to create items at the cost of wishpoints) will be requested to be extra careful with this and not to allow anything they consider repeated abuse to happen. In other words, using this with decency, one, two items from your alts because those items are suited for your main character is FINE. Breeding alts to create a repeated source of items through wishpoints received for active days is NOT OK. The decision belongs to those that have this ability, about what is abuse and what is not. It is also their responsability to avoid such abuse and ensure they respect the guidelines i provided about what items can be created and what not.

To bring a level of responsability so to say, I will publicly ask the crafters (or anyone with the ability now or in the future) to specifically ask is the item creation request is for an other account (meaning using alts) or not. They should also base their decision if to create the item or not upon this information. This information should be kept confidential but in case of any trial, if you provide false information, it will definitely mean you had the intent to abuse.

For any comments, suggestions and discussions on this policy, please refer to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10342-discussions-and-suggestions-on-item-creation-policy/"][u]this[/u] [/url]topic.
For any questions on this policy, please refer to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10343-questions-on-item-creation-policy/"][u]this[/u] [/url]topic.

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