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Hello from a newbie

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Hello everyone. I'm Patrik. I am from Europe, Romania so I will ask you all to excuse from now on my faulty English. I recently joined this very interesting and unique game altough I played it for a short period two years ago, but I decided to start over with a new character now. I'm liking it and will be around a longer period this time, I want to learn more and discover more from this game. Gl too all of you and will see you in-game. Cheers


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Welcome to Magic Duel, quizok6. As a member of the Sisterhood, I make it my responsibility to properly welcome you in person (within the game). May I suggest you just try to avoid me? he he he he Members of the Sisterhood! Welcome this one called QUIZOK in true Sisterhood Style! MU WA HA HA HA

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Hello and Welcome to MagicDuel, Quizok. Game and forum too. Ignore Sagie... and the rest of the Sisterhood as a matter of fact if you wish to maintain your sanity. Feel free to ask questions when you have them. Good luck with your journey here.

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Hello and welcome !

Beware of corrections to your English proposed by some English native speakers, as they might lead you in a wrong way!

If you want worst english and typing, just find me ingame and you will suddenly feel very fluent.

Enjoy the game! It's rare to find something unique. And you just did.

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Thank you everyone for your support. Such a nice community :)

@Coltsteel thx now I know I can count on you when it comes to my spelling mystakes :P

@Amoran and what if I am already insane? what can it posibly do anymore? :))

@Curiose I've noticed that there are players form different countries but unfortunetly It makes me a little sad to see so few people playing this game

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