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  1. Item 13 x 13 = 130 plushies ID 855125 - claw 2, jewelshards, kellethafire ID 866271 - claw 2, jewelshards, kellethafire ID 851549 - jewelshards ID 859335 - jewelshards, kellethafire ID 859364 - jewelshards, kellethafire ID 694991 - jewelshards, kellethafire
  2. Is this the permanent spell or a spellstone? The other spells are specified as stones.
  3. Item 8 - 50 plushies Item 9 - 50 plushies
  4. There does seem to be a discrepancy or unbalance in the difficulty of gaining loyalty and the ease of losing it in this way, but I'm not sure what could be done to correct it either.
  5. A good idea, I had considered that as well and I was on the fence for a bit, but then I fell on the side of the House since I liked the idea of the liquid dust feeding on/degrading the resources of the treasury over time.
  6. What group/land you represent in your request: No Man's Land Amount of Storage wanted (items): 500 Amount of Storage wanted (creatures): 50 How much you would pay (weekly) for this: Consumption of some of the resources stored in there, up to 50 units of resource per week. If less than 20 units of resource are consumed in a given week, treasury only accepts deposits, not withdrawals. The treasury could "choose" which resources to consume from a list of weighted preferences of which fenths should be at or near the top. Location you would put your treasury: 1_1x-3_1 House of Liquid Dust. Hopefully in the cracked ground to the left of the House, where it looks like two rectangles are meeting. (I've long thought that looked more like an artificial installation than a natural crack in the ground. Compet-erative (competitive/cooperative) treasury only available to non-homelanders.
  7. When sacrificing for shards, the box that shows you how many you'll be getting claims that there are rarity and premium bonuses. The bonuses that say "x2 recovered shards" for both rarity and premium don't seem to be applying. As example here is what my snowman says he gives: The altar says this snowman gives a total of 1201 shards when sacrificed, when it looks to me like it should be 4804.
  8. It seems to me that the number of shards given when sacrificing creatures is unbalanced toward creatures with a high number of levels. For example I have a maxed untokened Shmsh (~7 levels) who gives 1792 for its level. I also have a maxed untokened Imp. Aramor (~3 levels) who gives 28 for his level. For a final example I have a maxed tokened (13 tokens) GG Drachorn (~5 levels) who gives 1160 for his level and tokens. As it works now it looks to me like a creature's level is rather overvalued but only when it has more than 5 levels, meaning certain creatures are very easy to farm shards for, while other ones are much more difficult.
  9. Aia and redneck have both proven themselves to be better at losing than me, so it looks like I've lost and they both advance
  10. Sometimes I'll attack somebody who has some heads to try and take them all for myself, but I only get 2 at a time by winning. Why does that happen and how can I get all of them in one fight?
  11. Regeneration is a combat stat. It heals your creatures after you fight with them. Some creatures have it naturally, others may need to borrow yours via influence. Energetic immunity is a stat that buffers against the negative effects of walking. In particular the higher your EI the less VE you lose by walking in places other than your homeland (doesn't work for No Man's Land citizens). Trade sense is a stat that buffers against shop prices. The higher your trade sense, the less WI you need to buy armour. Briskness will increase the amount of heat you can harvest with your Erolin Device. Initiative is a combat stat. It determines which creature will move first in a battle. Defence & Attack are interlinked combat stats. If my creature has 10 attack and yours has 2 defence, my creature will do 8 damage to yours (if it uses the "damage" ability). Power is both a combat and non-combat stat. Mostly it's used to influence creature abilities such as heal, lifesteal, martyrism. Outside of combat it can also influence some spells. Luck is both a combat and non-combat stat. In combat it will randomly affect your creature's performance, usually helping in an unpredictable way. Outside combat it can give you little surprises sometimes just for walking along. Volition is gained simply by walking. Gaining more of it has no direct effect as of yet, though it's a good way to compare who has moved around more in the past. Cartography lowers the AP cost of moving between scenes. If a scene costs 50 and you've got 40 cartography you'll still need at least 50 AP to move there, but it will only cost 10. The following are stats related to resource gathering, or some to crafting. As far as I'm aware they all do the same thing but for different resources. The more of a particular resource-related skill you have, the more efficiently you can use the tool that lets you gather that resource. Some are easier to guess what they're for than others, but I'll leave it to you to figure out which is for what. Some stats cover multiple tools or activities. All information is based on my own incomplete knowledge, so feel free to correct me.
  12. Aramor Assembler on Gateway Island is titled Aramor Assambler
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