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  1. Hi @Snevar Neves Thanks to your and other reports I have found and fixed the bug! The riddles should be working correctly now. Do give some feedback if they are, just so I know its all good (I have extensively tested them all with SUNT though )
  2. Hi Snevar! Welcome to the game and I hope you are having a great time. I'm one of the developers of MagicDuel and I'm sorry you have hit upon something I haven't yet been able to investigate. The riddles are indeed a little problematic as they seem to be sometimes rejecting valid results. The new starting area you landed on is currently being worked on although that is the only bug I am aware of in the area. One of our teams have worked on the riddles already looking to try and resolve them however they have been unable to work out what is wrong. I will however make it a priority to investigate it tonight.
  3. Could you paste in the text? My screen reader is having trouble OCR'ing the text so I can listen to it.
  4. claw1 0% 25% 100% No text displayed Summary Looks to be working to me!
  5. Please post below with the given format, to report whether a token is working or not. Each player confirming its working will be allowed to apply that token to any creature of theirs. Each player finding a bug will also get an additional one to apply. You are welcome to disagree with someone posting above (whether its working or not) and the correct one will be given the token. Please blank out the non-related token information in your print screens so its super clear which one you are reporting List of tokens: antifreeze darkshield stardust purpurmoon blacktear onyxfangs blackdiamonds firedrop blooddrop1 blooddrop2 blooddrop3 claw1 claw2 claw3 osirisbelt jewelshards goldbelt darksky kellethafire sunshine goldtear emeraldglare purpurfog enlightning FORMAT: Token Name [image 1 - fight at 0% vitality showing the influences] [image 2 - fight at 25% vitality showing the influences] [image 3 - fight at 100% vitality showing the influences] [Statement whether you think its working or not] If the token does not display anything (most likely for the 100% vitality image, just leave a comment saying its not displayed).
  6. Any other opinions? Open for change but we may want to take into account TC and similar?
  7. I didn't manage to get a screenshot when I had one land, but it thought I had two. I will see if I can replicate it
  8. The MagicDuel treasury will convert notes to coins at the stated value on the note. Similar to anything that says it is worth exactly X. We do not set any other trading value nor will trade coins to notes. Personally I have traded 1 gold for 16 silver in the past, to account for the pain that silver is (Me providing the gold).
  9. I play a few games a day, if I notice something I will say. Before that happened my single parcel (on the map) was actually listed as two on the sidebar.
  10. The food is still messed up, I had a single parcel but it decided I had two for some reason. Also I have no end button after playing for a bit... No clue whats up with that Also I started the turn with 0 food when I should have had loads...
  11. Also Ledah is terrible at this game, he keeps pressing end turn without moving!
  12. I like the custom feature to paste gifs into the chat, pretty cool
  13. Atm Ledah and I have pausing playing until its fixed, Its a bit boring with no food being used lol
  14. Yeah there have been a few quests done similarity, always fun
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