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    Music, especially parody, storytelling, puzzles. In RL I'm a scientist, gardener, writer, jack of all trades, and raise fish, cats, and boys. My wife is a professional musician/teacher.
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  1. Okay, I have 30 more items stolen by the Imps now tagged for retrieval. WP if you can find at least 29 of them. You can keep 'em, sell them (or any RP items) back to me to restock the prop box at 1 sc each. If you're going to sell them back, just give me the ITC from where you found it, and I'll recover the items and still pay the 1 sc. Have fun, and thanks for the help!
  2. Invie has managed to break the record, finding 28 of the 30 items tagged, so wins a wishpoint (has been delivered). As soon as I get another set tagged, you'll have to find at least 29 of them to get a wishpoint.
  3. Fyrd will be slipping off to another dimension to witness the wedding of his son, Oct 9 through 17. Communications during this time, across dimensions, will be tenuous at best. I wish you all well!
  4. So, Stavaroiu found 27 of the 30 items I had tagged. In order to get a wishpoint, anybody else will have to beat that score. BUT, you do get to keep the items you want. I will be tagging additional items stolen by the imps, but 30 is my limit. QUEST NOTES: If you just want the silver, and not the actual item, don't collect on the ITC - simply send it to me in a PM and I'll pay up and recover the item myself, and that will save us a lot of paper shuffling.... Don't worry about who was first, the little birdies will tell me who got there and in what order....
  5. Yep, I count 27. Let's negotiate a buy-back of what you don't want. The wish point will be on the way, as soon as I finish up on GWI tonight. Very impressive!
  6. With N rounds you must win N matches each with 1/2 probability, so (1/2)^N chance of winning the series. There will be 2^N contestants, only 1 of whom will win. Either way you approach it, your odds of winning (all else being equal) are 1 in 2^N. Yes as N goes to infinity, that's a big number worthy of astonishment, but 2^N is even bigger, and accordingly harder to fathom.
  7. Another way to put it is that your 50% chance of winning is not independent of your opponent's chances. If you fail, the other succeeds.
  8. It's not random coin flipping, it's sorting. After a battle there is 100% chance of a winner. With coin tossing, there is a 25% chance that both lose. With no random fluctuations, you get a totally flat distribution, which is only one of the many possible random outcomes.
  9. So, assuming Else's inventory checks out (which I will do in person), that's a wishpoint. If you combined our two inventories, we'd make 23. Anybody {beside Else} want to try for 24? Worth another wishpoint if you can. {Per the usual wp rules, Else can't win this quest twice.}
  10. Fyrd has 21 of the 26 letters of the alphabet covered. Anybody who can at least match that deserves a wishpoint. 21 inventory items with different starting letters, ignoring punctuation. It is quite legal to "borrow" items under whatever side arrangements you want to make.
  11. Okay, a wishpoint to at least the first to give instructions and photo here for an oragami MD creature and then gets one other player to post a photo of a creature made following those direction. MD in the photo of course, no alts, etc.
  12. There are currently 29 lost items listed in the trunk. Anybody who can find 15 of them (and I will know if you try to palm off a substitute for the original) gets a wishpoint!
  13. Month up - closed. Contact me if you want to try and cut a deal.
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