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  1. Ivorak

    Heat Spell

    If there's a conceptual reason that casting a spell requires heat, I imagine that would also apply even to spells that give you heat, would it not?
  2. What @Fyrd Argentus refers to above as spell docs are actually just "outer magic" spells. Spell docs, or spell pages, are something different, related to "inner magic". Spell docs were originally awarded by the game master @Muratus del Mur and other players of a special class known as RPCs (RPC meaning role-playing character, though only certain players were promoted to this group, and nowadays there are no longer RPCs). You can search the old announcements in game for "spell docs" to read more of the history. Today they are rarely seen, but some players still possess the ability to award them for quests. You can read more about "inner magic" by clicking the "More info" link at the bottom of the "Magic" page (which is below "Fights" in the actions navigation interface). As for viewing your spell pages, the action bar at the bottom of the page has an icon that'll take you there if clicked (hover over the different icons to see tooltips describing what they are). This page also has an "info" link that'll tell you more about inner magic and spell pages. Do note that the work on spell docs is far from complete, and actually casting inner magic spells requires not only the requisite spell docs, but a wishpoint, synthesis of the knowledge from the spell docs, principles, and the intervention/implementation of someone with the ability to actually make it happen such as @Muratus del Mur or @Chewett.
  3. That helps @Fyrd Argentus. For anyone else reading, just want to note that you may have to have the Triggers box expanded to see these.
  4. Having trouble finding this in the new interface.
  5. The tooltip for the Above Money achievement has already been corrected to Winertia, but the error message still says value points. I think this one is actually just a translation issue, but should be renamed from "Altele" anyway.
  6. The Roguelike Celebration is an online conference celebrating roguelikes and similar games, with talks given both my game creators and players. Last year's conference was held in an interactive online space styled after a MUD. It was designed for the conference but open-sourced for similar events: https://github.com/lazerwalker/azure-mud. Sharing here for two reasons: Current MD players might enjoy attending the event (will take place October 16th & 17th). Seems like something that would appeal to a lot of you, and you might come back with some ideas to add to MagicDuel. They currently have a call for proposals open for new talks. If there's an aspect of MagicDuel you find particularly intriguing, you should consider submitting a proposal by June 25. Speakers are paid, and you might even attract a few new players to MagicDuel. You can also talks from last year here: https://roguelike.club/event2020.html If you're thinking about submitting a talk proposal, consider sharing it here for feedback from your fellow MagicDuel adventurers. Also feel free to throw out some ideas for talks you think might fit the CFP but aren't something you personally feel qualified to talk about; maybe someone else will pick up the torch.
  7. Could you explain what you mean by "inline help"? For the bookshelf links, we should probably also link to the wiki.
  8. Didn't see any ideas for no man's land, so maybe something like this: Cotton -> Canvas -> Tent
  9. I'm very inactive (and even less so as an Archivist), but I suppose that still means I'm far more active than my fellow Archivists. That said, I'd like to see the Archivists live on in some form. If anyone would like to join the Archivists or has requests / suggestions for the work I should be doing, always feel free to send me a forum PM.
  10. Ivorak


    Pffft! 3, or 4, or even 5 seasons isn't nearly enough. You'd probably find ancient Japan's system of 72 microseasons interesting. You can search elsewhere for specific names. I think farmer's almanacs are really cool too, even if they don't explicitly name the subdivision of seasons.
  11. "I dream of a military-industrial complex" In which resources are consumed by the machines1 of war2. Competition driving cooperation and innovation.3 Notes Metaphorical and also physical, e.g. siege weapons. Or other forms of land vs. land competition. Building the largest tower to be the first to reach the heavens, interregnum arms races, exploration expeditions (sailing or mining), alchemical research, hunting the snark, slaying the jabberwocky, building the largest botanical collection, breeding a better elucabration, ritual sacrifice of cake as a summoning ritual, competing to host the biggest tea party, an international legislative body (known as The Absurd Assembly) playing nomic4, etc. A long time ago I wrote a little bit about how competition makes things more fun (in an essay that is equally about rules as a leverage point). Or at least I tried to. You can read that essay here. "Nomic is a game created in 1982 by the otherwordly philosopher Peter Suber in which the rules of the game include mechanisms for the players to change those rules, usually beginning through a system of democratic voting. Nomic is a game in which changing the rules is a move." P.S. Of course, we need a more general economy as well. But I think competition can be a driver for that, as well as something that consumes resources in large amounts.
  12. I'll help with documentation. And I propose we use GitHub (accounts are free for public projects), so that anyone can contribute but with all changes being reviewed first. MkDocs (https://www.mkdocs.org/) with the Material theme (https://squidfunk.github.io/mkdocs-material/) could be used to make everything look nice once all the text is revised. (I believe this is what https://uber.github.io/react-map-gl/#/Documentation/getting-started/get-started is using if you want an example).
  13. Alas, I have a Mac. But I finally found a free program to extract the archives, so all's good. Ungod, I like the banners idea. Would love to see more banners, heraldry, signage, etc., for the various alliances, lands, and other factions in MD. And events too.
  14. Just finished reading this, and wanted to say that I am very happy to hear all this.
  15. Hey @Ungod, any chance you could upload these somewhere? Having trouble finding a free program to unzip .rar files.
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