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  1. I really don't like this Warventure thing you're trying to push, but if you add some dank memes as resource, I would definitely love it and play it with my friends who also like the dankest memes.
  2. I never liked the idea of A25 especially with the amount of people who have the tools, you don't need that much people developing the game so I'm glad it decreased, but if I am to name one good potential candidate to have as a member, it will have to be Mallos.

    Give the guy a chance and he'll do wonders.


  3. Wow this is super intellectual stuff
  4. Fresh grass for Taurion will do. Thanks Chew and Aia for fixing the area, Taurion is happy, he feels seen and herd.
  5. A long time ago, a short-tempered creature - a Bull - woke up in the docks of the Gateway Island, met its inhabitants and worked his way out of there by meeting all the necessary challenges. He arrived at No Man's Land after some time and had been wanting to go back to the Island which he identified as home. There was no way back, he was not amoosed. He wandered around the strange new world in search of home. Loreroot, he thought, as it has delicious green grass. He spent days eating in the Lorerootian paradise and fertilizing its soils in the process, until he ventured further to the North, and he found the Labyrinth. He instantly made a spiritual connection to the maze and forges himself a square amulet which is also a perfect topographical map of the Labyrinth, signifying that his heart is close to this part of the realm. The Bull would later proclaim himself as its new Guardian. One day he returned home via the Split Pass Halt. The entrance is no more. His heart - crushed, his spirits dissipated. The steaks are high for the animal, the Bull finds his situation udderly problematic, and other people can smell the big fat Bull coming in the horizons. The Labyrinth is no longer accessible from the MDA lands and I'd like to ask why - no announcements, no heads up, no warnings, no asking people's opinions. This was confirmed by other players as well. It affects people's gameplay and in some cases "work" that's being carried out. I'm aware that there is/are ways to enter the Labyrinth but that is not my focus about this issue at the mooment.
  6. This auction has ended. @Else won Imp 1 & Imp 2 for 10 credits in total.
  7. I'm "very" happy for you, and I "agree", but using "Desktop" mode doesn't get rid "of" the issue altogether, it just "makes" it not noticeable.
  8. Current Bid: Imp 1 - 5 credits by Else Imp 2 - 5 credits by Else Imp 3 - None Auction will end in 24 hrs.
  9. Not sure if I'm the only one having this issue. When clicking the side bar on the right panel where it displays the VE and Wn, windows pop-up, covering the entire side bar. Closing this window also closes the sidebar back, making it impossible to check current VE and Wn. Current AP and max heat not on display/cut out from the pull up tab interface on the bottom of the page.
  10. When the hooded figures at the Passage of War decides to ignore you for being a creep, they'll reportedly let you pass and some type of graphic appears that implies the tunnel is ready to be traversed. I don't know if this grapic is implemented or not but there's definitely a missing or broken file in this scene.
  11. This pops up 4 out of 10 times when going from scenes throughout MD on a smartphone browser. I'm using Chrome app and I've tried different browsers as well, same thing happens. I never see this issue with a desktop and laptop computers.
  12. Yes, but I will just probably buy it from you with coins. I think I will just stick to credits so as to make this auction simpler. Post updated.
  13. I will be auctioning off some of my creatures that I have no use for anymore for the next couple of weeks. To start off, I have two old and a very old (based on creature ID, not Age) heavily tokened Imperial Aramors I would like to put up for auction. I will only accept credits. I can also accept maxed Elementals and Daimons as a top-off bid, but I understand that the valuation for this can be very subjective. I will see if this auction takes off first then I will state my valuation for these creatures. Imp 1: Creature ID: 800152 Tokens: [stardust] [kellethafire] [firedrop] [purpurmoon] [blackdiamonds] [goldbelt] [darkshield] [claw2] [claw1] [antifreeze] [blooddrop3] [blooddrop2] [blooddrop1][goldtear] [emeraldglare] [enlightning] [osirisbelt] [claw3] Stats: Vital Energy: 2600/2000 | Heat Scars: 4046739 | Won battles: 536 | Age: 3092 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 1147 Starting Bid - 5 credits Imp 2: Creature ID: 790538 Tokens: [claw1] [claw2] [stardust] [blooddrop3] [enlightning] [emeraldglare] [blackdiamonds] [claw3] [darkshield] [blacktear] [antifreeze] [blooddrop2] [blooddrop1] [goldtear] [onyxfangs] [goldbelt] Stats: Vital Energy: 4000/2000 | Heat Scars: 3832528 | Won battles: 537 | Age: 3132 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 1020 Starting Bid - 5 credits Imp 3: Creature ID: 337497 Tokens: [claw1] [emeraldglare] [stardust] [claw3] [claw2] [antifreeze] [blooddrop1] [blooddrop3] [blooddrop2] [blackdiamonds] [goldtear] [darkshield] [onyxfangs] [goldbelt] Stats: Vital Energy: 2600/2000 | Heat Scars: 18080263 | Won battles: 533 | Age: 3614 | Shards Given upon Sacrifice: 745 Starting Bid - 10 credits Auction will end on July 1st at 00:00 Server Time. If there are no takers, I will just keep them. Goodluck!
  14. I have been looking in the MD Archives website and in the forums for the full Adventure Log chapters but fail to find a complete list, there are only four chapters in the archives website. Where can I find the rest? This Adventure Log link does not work as well.
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