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Missing Attack Button


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When I click on a player's shadow, it shows the attack button, but doesn't when in the same scene. This seems to just have happened today and I don't see any issues raised regarding this, so opening a thread now. See attached.





Other players are able to attack me and (I assume) each other:


Edited by Lazarus
Added attack logs
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  • Root Admin

Hey Laz,

We have a few systems which might have triggered that to happen, they use some pretty advanced AI data collection and are sometimes temperamental!

Can you think of anything odd or different you might be doing that could cause it?

I’m busy currently but if you can’t think of anything I can investigate your account fully later to work out why.

Anything you can think of is useful thanks!

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  • Root Admin

Oh there is loads of analysis stuff on the backend of MD. Some of it runs monthly to view patterns etc. So it’s possible it’s something in the last few months or something.

I will have a look later thanks.

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  • Root Admin

I should have some time to check in the next hour after dinner, You are sure there is nothing odd happening with your account in the last month or so that could have been picked up and flagged your account @Lazarus?

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The only odd thing happening in my account is that I can no longer attack anyone and this seem to have just happened today, other than that I subscribed for a month, did a shop reset, got a few things in the shop,  casting spells, being casted spells on, attacking, being attacked, being ported somewhere etc are all in-game activities which I don't think qualifies as "odd" unless there's some account level anomaly, which to be honest, I won't have a clue about if someone is doing something that will raise a flag.

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  • Root Admin

cut the bullshit. He was giving you a fair chance to act nice and not to continue to take us for idiots.

This was the part where you where supposed to explain you did something stupid not knowing its forbidden and we would have pretended its fine and tell you not to do it in the future... but i see you insist so i have to stop this now.

you are wasting our time and auto clickers are not new in this world, same like people pretending they have no clue about it. For trying to pretend you have no clue you get one month jail from me personally effective immediately. If Chew actually wants to go deeper with this and look back in time over your recent activity its up to him, but for me its crystal clear.

So far 3679 bot attacks, here are they by day

11 2023 May 08 
107 2023 May 09 
145 2023 May 10 
172 2023 May 11 
136 2023 May 12 
62 2023 May 13 
43 2023 May 16 
66 2023 May 17 
165 2023 May 18 
49 2023 May 19 
233 2023 May 20 
223 2023 May 21 
33 2023 May 23 
180 2023 May 24 
175 2023 May 25 
103 2023 May 26 
251 2023 May 27 
51 2023 May 28 
200 2023 May 29 
149 2023 May 30 
12 2023 May 31 
21 2023 June 01 
227 2023 June 02 
131 2023 June 03 
11 2023 June 04 
76 2023 June 05 
176 2023 June 06 
80 2023 June 07 
87 2023 June 08 
41 2023 June 09 
14 2023 June 10 
114 2023 June 11 
13 2023 June 20 
122 2023 June 21

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Though I understand the anger and subsequent punishment, a simple warning might have been enough. I'm not bullshitting you or take you as an idiot when I say I never knew automating this part of game mechanic is illegal in MD terms since there was not one instance of it happening or documented anywhere in the announcements, at least not that I'm aware of, I thought it was merely "frowned upon" so apologies for my denseness when I didn't pick up on Chew's subtext since it was not qualified for my consideration as something "odd" in my account.

2 hours ago, Chewett said:

You are sure there is nothing odd happening with your account in the last month or so that could have been picked up and flagged your account

This communicated to me that there was something happening in my account in terms of security or force login etc.

Jailed on first offense and without warning. Interesting times.

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  • Root Admin

For reference the rules note:



Jailing for a month is actually a lesser punishment than the previous one based on your veterancy and our like of you Laz FYI: https://magicduel.com/page/Announcement/view/5347

No warnings are given for botting and similar, really anyone should know its cheating.

Please don't do it again and it will all be over in a month. For reference the person noted above continued to bot and got perma banned.

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