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    WTB SS

    I would like to buy a Sword Shade with coins, PM me your price if you are willing to sell. I prefer tokenless and most age possible, but willing to buy with tokens or a young one. I most likely will take the best offer after a few days, if any...
  2. Did exactly 21, I guess the time spent in the Headless Skeleton payed off
  3. enlightning 0% vit: 25% vit: 100% vit: Not showing Statement: At 0% the enlightning token worked as expected, giving 551 attack (IMP had 551 won battles before combat) At 25% the enlightning token worked as expected, giving 408 attack (IMP had 544 won battles before combat and it gave 544*0.75 =408) It is working as expected.
  4. Was it ever open for debate attacking members from your same Alliance? It would help for cooperative progress like leveling colored elemental, reducing heat scars, getting wins, etc.....
  5. What are spelldocs? how do I view them?
  6. If I am not wrong, currently the slider is in inverse proportion to principles, there are a few tokens that scale with character skills as they are % based on the creature skills obtained with slider or other tokens. I would like to keep them as they are, this change would make most of the fighting power to come from a credit shop and would discourage character progression short and mid term as one would need way more skills than before outscaling tokens.
  7. Else

    New currency skill

    Most people dont do it, so probably it can be encouraged, just an opinion....
  8. Else

    New currency skill

    credits can be bought, skills from the most part are obtained by playing
  9. New currency skill gained through combat or in very restricted ways to buy from an in game shop that gets reduced after a purchase. The shop can have cycles and some once per cycle (realmwide) items,crits, etc. to encourage activity and racing to it.
  10. Else

    Memory stone Bug

    I do have 5 casts total, currently available 4/5 which is 80% and the stone should require at least 80% as stated....
  11. Player name: Else Player ID: 193599 Browser: Google Chrome Operating System: Windows 10 Importance: Medium Importance Description - What happens when the bug occurs:It says I need at least 80% of cast, which I do, but it doesnt let me store the spell... How to reproduce the bug: Have 5 cast total of a spell, cast it once and try to store the spell in a memory stone What you expect to happen: It should allow me to store the spell as I do have the 80% required.
  12. I am really against adding more snowball effect to combat skills tbh. I would suggest new equipment with plain stats like 500 attack, def, etc. to help players with lower stats train and wouldnt impact high stats player as they would keep using existing % equipment. There is already an attempt for something similar with the high def and regen from GWI land affiliation.
  13. Item 13 Sunshine for ID: 877431 - 10 Item 13 Sunshine for ID: 878519 - 10 Item 13 Sunshine for ID: 878753 - 10 Total 30 plushies
  14. Item 2 - 10 Item 6 - 40 Item 1 - 15 Item 9 - 5 Item 11 - 5 Item 13 kellethafire for ID: 660713 - 10 Total 85 plushies
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