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  1. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do Chewy. I'm sure I speak for most if not all of us when i say MagicDuel wouldn't be the same without you, as both a player and a coder/moderator, we all appreciate you in whole. Sourcespeed wookie.
  2. I never said it was a full on fix mate. My point was you can use that bandaid post letting the mods know of the problem so you don't need to deal with it until it's fixed and you can then go back to normal mobile. Your life your call mate, I'll be relaxing either way. Best wishes ( ^^)7
  3. I just always use "Desktop" mode on mobile. It "fixes" all the problems "mobile" normally has.
  4. If memory serves, that used to be the graphic that would highlight that section on its own in gold when it becomes ready. Normally a section only becomes gold when you hover your mouse over it, but in some cases (such as this) it would become gold on its own (the passage itself) once the proper requirements were met. Ever since that broken image icon appeared, I've noticed that the spot does not highlight itself in gold anymore, so although I'm not entirely certain, an educated guess would point in this direction.
  5. Item 7 : 207 plushies (153 from myself, 40 from DG, 14 from Else)
  6. If memory serves, b2b active days give certain bonuses, and winertia is one of them.
  7. Item 7 : 202 (153 from myself, 40 from DG, 9 from Else)
  8. Item 7 : 200 (153 from myself, 40 from DG, 7 from Else)
  9. I would gladly challenge his time, as we do enjoy our healthy competitions, but sadly I've hit the limits of what I can do. I knew the only way to beat my time would be to use Jumps or Teles, as fast as I am on my wings I can't outdo those sadly ( ^^)
  10. After reading this a few times, to really let it sink in, I have to admit I have nothing but support for this venture. That being said, I have just one slight bit of advice for your suggestions. I love you to death, but advertising on facebook would be advertising to a VERY specific set of individuals. There's nothing wrong with that per sé, but we want to be aware of exactly who we target for ads. That being the case, I think we have the most promise in two places. The first being the most obvious, Discord rooms dedicated to the Mental, Spiritual, and Cosmic in general. 5D rooms etc would be great targets (and one of my regulars when I do advertise, because yes, I do my own advertising). Secondly and equally importantly would be the woke, spiritual, and alien sub sections of tiktok. Facebook isn't just outdated, it would be (in my humble opinion) a crowd that's... Slightly outside the range of what we're looking for. Discord and Tiktok are relatively consistent, in that they keep drawing in a newer, more thought driven crowd. Just my humble 2 cents. I'd be happy to support this venture regardless of whatever path you decide to take.
  11. Oh, if it's what you think you mean, that page elongation also happens when visiting the Creature page if you have over X amount
  12. Item 7 : 193 (153 from myself, 40 from DG)
  13. Player name: Fang Archbane Player ID: 214273 Browser: Brave (Mobile) Operating System: Samsung Galaxy S10E Importance: 3 Description: Angien Fenth reclamation leads to a new creature with no name or stats and a No File message. How to reproduce the bug: Attempt to open an Angien Fenth What you expect to happen: A fresh Angien Egg should appear
  14. It's supposed to produce Death Spores.
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