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  1. I believe I have better things to do than humor you or take your requests/suggestions/whatever. I also find it interesting that you continue to involve me in your bs years after I basically stopped playing. You must be extremely scarred 😂. Get help, dude!
  2. It's plain BS but whatever. I didn't expect anything else from BS (pun intended ).
  3. Fall ping here! Many years back, around this time we'd start preparing for Haloween quests. I hope you have your bags full of tricks for this year. And you'll have lots of fun! Also I would have started the traditional "Christmas Card making" process. I still have a bunch of boxes with materials but no real motivation or hmm..strange to say this: time although I am still working fully from home. Hope you're all healthy and with your spirits up! See you maybe this Christmas! Hugs & kisses dst
  4. How on earth do you use “quote”??? My god! I am a total noob!! Aaanyway 😁… Chew, I care. I drifted apart but this game is still alive. I would not want to share things that should forever and ever stay with…few people. Yes, I would love to tell old stories and imagine people’s jaws dropping and having “aha!” moments but to do that I would first need to ask for permission. Maybe…one day but not too far in time as I am starting to forget things 😂. Wishing all of you a great summer and I’ll ping you in the fall. Stay safe!
  5. dst

    Ruler of UG

    Bahahaha! UG never had a legit queen but that changes now. Long live Queen Mago! Yes, it's highly unlikely that I would return. Unless you do something with that damn interface which is absolutely hideous
  6. Dropping by once again to say "hello-farewell". This is I know exactly what brought me here: nostalgia. I saw the 17th year mark in the game and I could not believe it! It's been 15 years since I started playing MD. 15 freaking years! There were players that were 15 back then (not naming names though ). I saw some of the changes and I realized how disconnected I am now with everything. I honestly feel like a noob. I still don't like the interface and I think I know why now: it's not the clean (yes, this is the word) game that I used to enjoy 15 years ago (I am a masochist for keep saying this ). Now it's full of animation and bling bling and buttons. All it misses is Piss Piss' fairy dust and we all know we get itches from that one! And on a more serious note I caught a glimpse of few very good friends and if they are here then they are ok or at least ok-ish. I am glad and I hope they stay the same or in case things change they will for the better. Take care of yourselves and maybe one day...we'll meet again or maybe I'll have the ok from Mur to tell some of the untold old stories...It's a shame for them to get lost. Hugs and kisses, dst
  7. Bah! You know nothing! Rinse and repeat young padawan!
  8. Mago, you’re ugly enough to handle your own problems. But boy how on earth did you let yourself murdered??? I hope you’ll get your sweet revenge even if this will take you years! Like a tru SI member.
  9. I don't know how MD came up tonight in my mind. Maybe cause Christmas is close by and omg how I looooved MD's Christmas. Or maybe my haunted and tired mind needed a break from reality. Don't know..but the fact is that here I am once more to say hello and then fa rewell. I don't know how I drifted away from the game. I never thought it will ever be possible but you know :"never say never". I miss the game, I miss the thrill, I miss the quests and mostly I miss my friends in here. It's been a very very long journey. I grew up with MD, I've learned with MD and I've evolved with MD. I've learned a lot about myself. I took that knowledge with me in RL and I expanded. Life has been tough but defo kinder than for many so I am grateful for that. I want to come back and I haven't given up the thought. I just wish MD will still be here when I decide it's time. Oh and do something with the horrible interface! It's how we say in Romanian "passion killer" Hope you are all well and so are your loved ones. We are certainly living "interesting times". I will never again wish that to anyone . Hugs and kisses until next time, dst
  10. It was jailed so cyberers would not get the much needed privacy for cybering in jail. So I can say that I was jailed in order to...kill the mood. MD-iority Report. Reference: Permalink
  11. The items given from the Toy Box. 1 of them is not working and considering the cooldown and how hard the toy box is to make, if i draw the line and do the math it's totally worthless to try and get the item(s).
  12. Since so far I trusted Aia, I will bet on her: her answer is correct.
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